Friday, April 25

Istanbul Photo Diary Part II

Hey again! I hope you enjoyed my previous post on Istanbul, I have that many pictures on my Nikon's SD card and countless memories from my city break I just had to do a part II. 

So to carry on from where I left off, the remainder of the holiday, as with any holiday was much more laid back and relaxed as we were aware of our surroundings (we even knew exactly how to retrace our steps back to the hotel from the other side of town!). So, in order to fulfill our unending hunger for historic and cultural knowledge, we bought a 72 hour museum pass on day 4 which meant that we had unlimited access to lots of museum across Istanbul and would get fast track access; which was great considering the queues for some places. Also, on day 4 it was my mum's birthday so we celebrated in the evening by going to a traditional Turkish restaurant which specialized in fish dishes; the people at Rumeli's were so kind and attentive and were fascinated by the fact that we were from the UK. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take any photographs of the food, but I can recommend this place 100% if you are visiting Istanbul any time soon. Also, what's great about this place is that it was packed with locals, therefore meaning that you could expect high quality food. 

Day 5 was really chilled, mooching around Istanbul and visiting even more museums! After a museum packed afternoon, we headed over to a quaint little cafe right next door to the Blue Mosque. FYI if you're visiting Istanbul please visit this cafe as they serve the most delicious lemon tea you will ever have! (p.s. I have a snap of it over on my Instagram). After feeling sufficiently relaxed from people watching and taking in the stunning scenery, we headed on down to the tram to go back to the hotel and recuperate before heading back out into the main part of town in the evening. Istanbul is unbelievably beautiful at dusk/night time, all the mosques and restaurants light up, resulting in the city feeling truly magical. 

Unfortunately day 6 was our last full day in this amazing city so we all headed out early after breakfast to do some retail therapy, where I discovered a Zara and Mango! It was only customary for me to purchase something (I will be doing a fashion post shortly so keep updated my lovelies). In the afternoon we bought half a kilo of Turkish delight (something which I am not ashamed of! Despite the calorie intake, the Turkish delight is so addictive and yummy). As we were leaving very early on the Monday morning, we had a quiet night at a local restaurant in the evening, where I experimented and had a spiced anchovy casserole which blew my mind. After that it was an early night of heading off to bed after chatting to Ben on Skype and waking up bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning for the flight home.

Thank you Istanbul for such a wonderful experience, I am already thoroughly missing you and will hope to take Ben with me next time. 

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