Wednesday, April 16

Istanbul Photo Diary Part I

For my mum's birthday, me and my family headed over to the culturally vibrant city that is Istanbul. I was super excited to discover all of the historic landmarks and browse around fanatically the famous Grand Bazaar and Spice markets. During our stay, we were located at the ever so luxurious The Peak Hotel in the heart of the city, just around the corner from delicious traditional restaurants, the metro and this retro little tram pictured below. 

On day 1 we had a leisurely breakfast and then headed out across the Bosphorus River and wandered around two awe-inspiring mosques, Sultan Ahmed Mosque (or more commonly referred to as The Blue Mosque) and the Fatih Mosque. The architecture both inside and out where breathtaking (post to follow shortly!). We then found ourselves in the late afternoon wandering into the Grand Bazaar which housed the most diverse and colourful markets I have ever seen. There was so much on offer, from handwoven carpets and rugs to fake fashion accessories. After a busy day of site seeing and resultantly aching feet, we headed back to the hotel for an afternoon nap in anticipation for our first evening meal in the city.

Day 2 was just as amazing, we were blessed with beautiful weather and decided that it was only right that we should head up the ancient Galata Tower to take in the panoramic views of Istanbul (as shown in picture 2). After this we were still hungry for more history so hopped on a tram and visited Hagia Sophia. Words cannot begin to describe how incredible this landmark is (and I will discuss it and other must see's on my post about the top places to visit in Istanbul). We spent the majority of the afternoon gazing the magnificent interiors of this building. Afterwards late lunch was in order, where we enjoyed a scrumptuous Ceaser Salad at Faros.

Opening the curtains on day 3 from within my hotel room, I was disappointed to see heavy rain pitter pattering on the window. However thankfully we had planned to visit more museums that day so we could escape the unfortunate downpour. Nevertheless it was still warm and the rain eventually passed over, leaving the city smelling fresh and lively again. 

There's much more to come for my holiday in Istanbul, I would love to hear of whether you've been to Istanbul and which sites you most enjoyed. Throughout my trip I uploaded lots of snaps onto my Instagram account (@katemulroy) so come and join me over there for more adventures to come!

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