Tuesday, January 28

Life, Lately #10

Due to mine and Ben's schedules being so busy, with work and other commitments during the week, Sunday is really our only day to completely indulge in whatever we want to for a day. Also now that we have Harry, we want to do more walking and exploring of the countryside around us. So on Sunday we went to Formby beach (a place which I endlessly blog about!) and experienced what the beach is like on a blistery, cold January afternoon. As we headed over the sand dunes, the wind almost knocked us off our feet, with Ben actually falling over, maybe more due to Harry tugging on his lead. The waves crashed against the shore, causing the sand to sweep across the beach. Although we only ever usually go to Formby beach when it's summer, there's something bewildering about an uncontrollable sea. 

Wednesday, January 22

Interior Inspiration | Living Room

Recently Ben and I moved into our first home together (I know, I kept it quiet!) even though we practically lived together beforehand, moving between our parents' houses. Before the move, I wasn't that super organised, however now that we are settled into our home; I think I may have developed a severe case of OCD! Seriously, I am constantly tidying up and keeping everything in its place (I hope this cleanliness lasts). But with the house now all organised, I want a new project, and am finding living room inspiration from near and far. Our house currently doesn't have a log burner so I am currently searching the internet for log burner fireplace inspiration. If you have any interior design ideas, let me know, I would love some advice!

All images via my Pinterest.

Monday, January 20

Life, Lately #9

Life has been super busy lately, moving into a new house with Ben and getting our first pet together, a Welsh Terrier, 'Dirty Harry'. We got Harry over the weekend and I couldn't be happier, now I have a new blogging partner and of course a companion to keep me  company whilst I do my University work. Of course Ben is also smitten with the new chap, who seems to be enjoying his new life as a retired champion show dog. 

So on Sunday we took the handsome man out for a walk up to Rivington Pike, a place Ben and I love to go for walks as the views are spectacular. However we went at the perfect time as the sun was setting so we were able to capture some gorgeous shots of Harry. Harry was wearing his new red collar and lead for the long walk, we decided red is definitely his colour, suits him doesn't it!

 Now that we've got Harry in the family, we're going to go on more walks and adventures; we're already planning next week's with my overly excited parents.

Friday, January 17

Postcards from Malta

So much has happened since mine and Ben's vacation to Malta, but I couldn't help but want to share with you the picturesque scenery of our week long Christmas holiday. Malta was such a different type of holiday, with a mixture of city-break and a relaxing holiday, with heaps to do. I'm already missing the warm weather and the delicious cocktails!