Sunday, November 3

Brief Encounter at Carnforth

After a couple of hours of driving, we arrived at the quintessentially beautiful train station at Carnforth. The air was crisp, the station's antique cafe was buzzing with life and the aroma of the freshly ground coffee beans drew us in for an indulgent hot drink and slice of homemade cake.

After a week of working every day at my local cafe, my parents decided it was time for a well deserved pot of tea and some cake. So to make a day of it we headed north, past Lancaster and arrived swiftly at Carnforth. However we didn't just go to any old cafe, we went to the one at Carnforth train station where the film, Brief Encounters was filmed. Being unusually peckish, we orded three slices of cake (between ourselves to share - not each!), hazelnut chocolate brownie, chocolate and nut cake and my favourite, the ginger tea loaf. To be honest with you I am quite the fan of ginger so I also ordered a ginger herbal tea to accompany pieces of the cake. Feeling sleepy we wondered around the museum and watched some trains pass by in the crisp November air before heading back home for a movie night with more family members.

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