Sunday, October 6

Stylish Sneakers

Commuting to University can have it's perks and pits, catching public transport means that you can snuggle up into your coat and listen to music (and work of course!). However, when it comes to the walk to wherever you work or go to University, you need to be comfortable and well equipped. Me and my friends have often spoke about whether you should be fashionably uncomfortable in a pair of boots or flats, or comfortably sporty in a pair of trainers. 

And I'll be honest, I have my days when I feel like throwing on a pair of uncomfortable shoes, maybe because it goes with my outfit; or I'm feeling particularly stylish. However other days I would much rather wear some trainers and be able to walk in comfort. But wearing trainers doesn't mean you can't be stylish at the same time; there are lots of different styles of trainers which can go with any outfit and you'll still be comfy. Double bonus!

Saying that, I have compiled my favourite designs at the minute which I feel are completely worth the investment, and they don't have to be used only for your commute, you can also use them for the gym! Positives all round.

1 New Balance (£64.99)

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