Tuesday, October 8

Life, Lately #2

The past week since my first Life, Lately post, I have been super busy. It's funny how when you're off for a whole summer you forget how demanding University is of your free time. Well, that is exactly what's been on my mind this week - work. I've been reading all sorts of articles and chapters for my subjects, from feminism, the history of Jewish-Christian relations, all the way to the study of myth. So it's been pretty heavy going, to say the least. 

However not all is lost with University work as it is so interesting to read about new topics and realize your own philosophical standpoint. On the bright side, with work comes coffee breaks, or shall I say fruit punch tea breaks with your friends in your favourite cafe. Whenever me and my very good friends got a chance in-between lectures and seminars, we'd head off to the local cafe and snuggle ourselves into the big, leather sofas.

As I've got a new part time job, on Saturdays I am working, but I really do look forward to my Sunday as me and Ben get to spend quality time together. So on Sunday morning, we popped down to the new local bakery and bought a scone for Ben and a jam/custard pastry for me. However being the foodies that we are, we couldn't resist also frying up some pancakes and also devulged ourselves into them as well. Keeping it low key, we visited Ben's parents and then went for an afternoon walk around Mere Sands. 

Although the weekend has ended now and it is officially a new week, with more readings and fruit punch teas, I am looking forward to the weekend with my calendar being particularly busy. 

But until next Tuesday's installment of Life, Lately; I hope you have a fantastic week and tell me about all the things you're looking forward to this upcoming week!

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