Tuesday, October 1

Life, Lately #1

{My favourite new stationary shop} 

{Relaxing with Ben on Sunday at one of our favourite pubs}

{These rubbers are too cool for school}
{Raspberry turnovers are my new go-to breakfast indulgence on a Sunday}
{The view of Ben's grandparents farm on a crisp morning}

A while ago I had a series running called This Week, which basically was a weekly post on what I had been up to that week and whatnot. However over summer I stopped doing this, through no reason or fault of my own, I just felt that my blog was heading in a new direction, with a different series in mind. So this is where the Life, Lately series was born. Okay, it may be similar to This Week, but it will instead be a post where you can also share with my the peaks and pits of your week. 

So, without further a due, the past week I have been very busy, with being back at University and also working more shifts at this lovely part time job I have. Don't get me wrong, I love a busy schedule as I feel that it makes you appreciate the days you're free much more, such as Sunday - my day to chill with Ben. Not only does returning to University require a great capacity of concentration and motivation (post to come soon); but it also entails catching up with your friends and drinking more Starbucks coffees than are healthy.

I'd love to know what the peaks and pits of your week were?


  1. Love the rubbers!

    Good morning from Germany,

    Birdy and Bambi

  2. great pics dear


    happy day

    NEW POST!!!


    The simple life of rich people blog


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