Monday, October 14

Jamie's Italian, King Street

Manchester is like a labyrinth, full of secret hideaways where everyone disappears to, full of delicious restaurants, bars, brasseries. And once you take a turn into King Street, you are filled with awe and an unusual rumbling stomach, aching to visit each and every buzzing restaurant. 

A while ago I noticed Jamie's Italian and added it to my Fall To-Do List and restaurant bucket list. With my friend, Mimi in tow, we ventured up into King Street and through the dominating marble entrance into a restaurant which looked remarkably similar to a scene in Sex and The City

Jamie's Italian, King Street, is a restaurant chain throughout Britain by the ever so talented celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver. So, with this in mind, I could already tell we were in for a treat and my goodness how right I was. The service was impeccable, the cocktails were devilishly good and the food was mouth wateringly yummy. We took quite a long time to decide, with the menu having so many wonderful options. 

For starters, Mimi and I shared a selection of bread, which we managed to save some of to accompany our mains, mine was a Wild Mushroom & Cheese Risotto, whilst Mimi's was Mortadella & Ricotta Caramelle. However after the meal we were still hungry to try out the deserts, so we ordered a mammoth of a brownie each which came with amaretto popcorn and vanilla ice cream. The brownie was so dense and chocolaty, it really was heaven on a plate.

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