Thursday, October 10

Fall To-Do List

Fall is definitely my favourite season, being able to try out new recipes, snuggle up by the fire and have movie/series marathons with your friends. I also love how many things there are to do in fall, such as Halloween, Bon Fire Night and celebrate anniversaries & birthdays (such as mine). This year I have quite a substantial list of what I want to do this fall.

1 Buy The Great British Bake Off cookbook and bake lots of cakes.

2 Have a Sex and The City marathon with my lovely friend, Mimi.

3 Try out new restaurants.

4 Re-organize all of my closets, draws and anything else which could do with some reshuffling.

5 Host a grown up Halloween party.

6 Watch Hocus Pocus (a childhood tradition).

7 Capture the changing seasons and compile into a short film.

8 Keep on top of my University work.

9 Compile my summer holiday photographs into a scrapbook.

10 Purchase some moodier nail polishes.

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