Thursday, October 24

Cedar Farm

A little place, nestled in the rolling hills of Lancashire is this quaint assortment of shops, cafes and a farm, known as Cedar Farm. Cedar Farm is the ideal place to go to on a sleepy Sunday, smooching around the crafts and jewellery shops until your hearts content. Not only that, but on the first Saturday of every month there is a highly popular Farmer's Market and a Vintage Fair which comes round monthly on the second Sunday. However on a regular Sunday, this place had a certain charm about it, I don't know whether it was the brewing storm, the picture-perfect families, or the creative vibe. Despite the pumpkin outside the gardening boutique, Christmas was well and truly alive within the craft shops, with endless displays of the most delicate Christmas decorations. After feeling overwhelmingly festive, we headed into our favourite cafe in Cedar Farm, and Ben indulged in their Roberts & Co cappuccino  whilst I sipped a cool diet coke. 

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