Friday, October 4

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As a child autumn was always my favourite time of year, apart from the reason that my birthday is in November(!), year upon year autumn seemed to be the most exciting, where the whole family would come together. As a child, as I used to have an annual Halloween party, which was probably the most anticipated event on my calendar, knowing that I had so much cooking (well, helping my mother prepare) and putting up the decorations. Every year I would dress as the same thing, a cat - and if you asked me now what I'd wear to a Halloween party, my answer would still be a cat!

Not only is Halloween a staple part of autumn for me, I also love the changing season, the leaves changing colour to a warm orange and the crisp afternoon walks. Hot chocolate is so much more appreciated in the colder months as well, there really is nothing better than coming into the warm and settling down with a hot cocoa. Oh, and speaking of warm, having the traditional fire lit is something that I miss in the warmer months, I think Tom Cat would agree as in autumn/winter he seems to just love sleeping on the rug in front of the roaring fire.

This autumn, although it was a pain last year commuting to University in the colder weather, I actually am looking forward to the change in season and the nostalgic feeling it'll bring with it. I'm also excited to wear slouchy knits, embellished blazers, hats and leather boots to keep me warm, yet stylish.

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