Thursday, September 19


Wagamama’s. Where do I start?

Our love affair began last September when one of my very close friends insisted that we went there after a day of shopping. I’d never heard of Wagamama before and wasn’t really expecting it to be that good. But by Joe was I wrong, it was better than good – it was amazing. In fact, it is a restaurant sent from heaven.

However being a newbie to the place I was unsure about what to order as everything seemed so unusual. My friend raved about the firecracker dish, so trusting her judgement, I went with it. I also went with it because it was the hottest dish on the menu and I have an odd love for fiery meals. Once the meal came, I (and my taste buds) were blown away. The instant hit of the chillies, the succulent prawns and vegetables, with a sprinkling of fresh lime blew me away. Everything was delicious and if I could, I would have licked the plate clean(!).

Not only are the meals unbelievably tasty, the layout of the restaurant is so unique, with communal seating due to the long rows of benches, the open kitchen and of course, the friendly vibe. 

A year on and I’m back, but this time I’m with my wonderful friend and co Theology and Religions undergraduate student, Rebecca.  Rebecca, like me was a newbie to Wagamama’s and proclaimed after the meal that she is definitely going to be back, of course with me in tow. So I ordered the firecracker with prawns (the usual) and Rebecca opted for a scrumptious chicken noodle dish. 

Once we sat down the place filled up with buzzing businessmen and women, families and groups of friends, all tucking into the yummy meals. After the meal we left with full tummies and headed for the museums, vowing to come back very soon.

Have you indulged in a Wagamama’s yet?

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