Saturday, September 28

Manchester Markets

A foodie's heaven, there are so many wonderful treats to indulge in at the Manchester Markets.

Manchester is renowned for it's Christmas markets, which hosts all different cuisines and gifts, and not to mention, it's delicious mulled wine! So when I was wondering around Manchester with my cousin, Charlotte, we were surprised to stumble upon markets in St Anne's Square. This was very odd as usually the markets are only here in Christmas time. However this didn't stop us from sifting our way through all the different stalls, testing out different cheeses, which we concluded the jalapeno cheese was the best. There were all sorts of cuisines, the smells mixing together, making our stomachs rumble even more. However, being the spicy fanatics that we are, we dived straight into the Turkish curries, I opted for the ever so clever-named Hot-Stanbul and Charlotte went for the smokey BBQ chicken. These meals were like a kebab, with a salad bed, in a wrap with a flavoured chicken and sauce to accompany it. If only there were Christmas Markets around as well so I could have indulged in a Turkish delight afterwards... 

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