Tuesday, September 10

Goodbye Summer

Hello Autumn

It's true what they say, life passes by faster the older you get. With this in mind, I seriously cannot believe that autumn is here again. Summer seemed to flash by in an instant. Although I do love the changing seasons, the prospect of wearing more layers and drinking too many hot cocoas, there's one thing that I am not looking forward to; and that is the blistery, freezing cold temperatures which Britain is set to experience. Don't get me wrong, it's all worth it when you can make snowmen and appreciate the coziness of your bed at the end of the day. But I am going to miss popping down to the beach and feeling the beating sun on my skin. This summer has been truly magical, I have been to places I have never been before, such as Gran Canaria (Part 1 here & 2 here) and heck, even Llangollen in Wales. However I have to admit that although it has been great to be on summer holiday for four months (because of being at University), I am greatly excited to get back into University and see all my distant friends. Yet I guess until next year, thank you summer for being beautiful and please may Autumn/Winter be as wonderful.

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