Thursday, September 12

Family Time

Time well spent.
{Connor, my new BFF}

If you follow me on Instagram, then you'll already know that I've been spending the past couple of days with my beloved cousins, Charlotte & Danny. Ever since we were little kids we loved having sleepovers and just generally being together (see The Dark Night post here). So it was no surprise that when we got together, we were as jolly as can be. However being teenagers the sleepover was more grown up, with delicious Mojito cocktails and all other wonderful concoctions. For dinner we had a spicy Mexican dish, tacos and nachos with all of the trimmings. After dinner, we listened to music and watched some great movies, before going to the land of nod for a good night's snooze. However the party didn't end there as in the morning Charlotte and I headed out for some freshly baked bagels from a local bakery. Being typically British  we spent most of the morning sipping tea and keeping warm (& sheltered) from the rain outside.

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