Saturday, September 21

Exploring: Manchester

After our delicious meal at Wagamama (previous post here), we headed out into the big wide world – not really, just Manchester. Manchester is a huge, diverse city, with endless things to do and see, and, according to my trusty friend Rebecca, homes 47 museums to be exact. So with that in mind, our next stop was the famous John Ryland’s Library on Deansgate. John Ryland’s Library is part of the University I attend, a massive library with so many books to read that even a bookworm would be exhausted. However this isn’t any normal library, no - this library looks just like Hogwarts.

{Fragment of St. John's Gospel 125AD}

Once we had whizzed around this magical place and feeling particularly inspired and creative, we went to Manchester’s Museum of Art. Here there are two paintings which blow my mind every time I see them, one being a painting by John Stanhope depicting the Fall of Man and the other being an oil painting of the ocean by John Brett. There’s something about art museums which I love, I don’t know whether it’s the calmness, the creative inspiration or the ridiculously skilled pieces of art. However Rebecca and I both agreed that we much preferred old artwork, or more precisely, traditional art, rather than modern artwork. 

Adequately creatively inspired, we went shopping, browsing in Selfridges at the ever so beautiful art, aka Mulberry bags and accessories. However what we did not apprehend was once we left Selfridges we found ourselves in a television commercial for Morrison’s new food range. This was particularly fun as we were being interviewed (on TV!) about the food samples and where in the forefront of the majority of the camera shots. As an hour passed, we decided (begrudgingly) to leave the advertisement set, only to be stopped by people from Key 103 Radio about our experience of the new Morrison’s food range. 

After being star struck by being on a television commercial, we left to go home. Needless to say I cannot wait for more adventures in the Big City (previous post here). 

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