Saturday, September 28

Manchester Markets

A foodie's heaven, there are so many wonderful treats to indulge in at the Manchester Markets.

Wednesday, September 25


I love breakfast, but I love Sunday breakfasts even more as this is the time when you get to make whatever you want and be able to enjoy it, rather than rushing out of the door. When Ben and I watch American TV shows/films, we always say how delicious the coffee diner breakfasts look, stacks of pancakes draped in syrup and sugar; with a hot Americano and fresh juice. So we reinvented this desirable breakfast scene on Sunday and it was scrumptious. 

Monday, September 23


{Abercrombie & Fitch Shirt, Topshop Boutique Knit Tank, Topshop Leggings, Converse, Michael Kors WatchRay Ban Aviators and Tiffany Ring}

Tartan, a pattern which, despite being a hit this fashion season, always reminds me of my early teenage years; when I was all about the punky chic look. However over the years I have come to appreciate tartan a whole lot more, as there is in fact a meaning behind every tartan pattern, such as being the print of a particular family. I would love to have my own family tartan print, it’d probably be similar to my shirt, but on a cashmere material. 

Saturday, September 21

Exploring: Manchester

After our delicious meal at Wagamama (previous post here), we headed out into the big wide world – not really, just Manchester. Manchester is a huge, diverse city, with endless things to do and see, and, according to my trusty friend Rebecca, homes 47 museums to be exact. So with that in mind, our next stop was the famous John Ryland’s Library on Deansgate. John Ryland’s Library is part of the University I attend, a massive library with so many books to read that even a bookworm would be exhausted. However this isn’t any normal library, no - this library looks just like Hogwarts.

Thursday, September 19


Wagamama’s. Where do I start?

Our love affair began last September when one of my very close friends insisted that we went there after a day of shopping. I’d never heard of Wagamama before and wasn’t really expecting it to be that good. But by Joe was I wrong, it was better than good – it was amazing. In fact, it is a restaurant sent from heaven.

However being a newbie to the place I was unsure about what to order as everything seemed so unusual. My friend raved about the firecracker dish, so trusting her judgement, I went with it. I also went with it because it was the hottest dish on the menu and I have an odd love for fiery meals. Once the meal came, I (and my taste buds) were blown away. The instant hit of the chillies, the succulent prawns and vegetables, with a sprinkling of fresh lime blew me away. Everything was delicious and if I could, I would have licked the plate clean(!).

Not only are the meals unbelievably tasty, the layout of the restaurant is so unique, with communal seating due to the long rows of benches, the open kitchen and of course, the friendly vibe. 

A year on and I’m back, but this time I’m with my wonderful friend and co Theology and Religions undergraduate student, Rebecca.  Rebecca, like me was a newbie to Wagamama’s and proclaimed after the meal that she is definitely going to be back, of course with me in tow. So I ordered the firecracker with prawns (the usual) and Rebecca opted for a scrumptious chicken noodle dish. 

Once we sat down the place filled up with buzzing businessmen and women, families and groups of friends, all tucking into the yummy meals. After the meal we left with full tummies and headed for the museums, vowing to come back very soon.

Have you indulged in a Wagamama’s yet?

Saturday, September 14

Happy Weekend

Let's make it a good one.

I can't believe how quickly the weekends keep sneaking up on me, the week seems to flash by in a blink of the eye. But I'm not complaining! This weekend is set to be a good'un (what people pronounce 'good one' like in the North of England). 

Last night was pretty low-key, chilling with my favourites whilst eating fantastic food. Today is going to pretty much the same, however I'll be going to the beer festival near mine, where I go annually with the same wonderful people. I think what excites me the most about the beer festival is that you can taste all of the different produce made locally, my favourite always being the fruity ciders(!). Whilst on Sunday we haven't really made any plans yet but it usually consists of hibernating under a blanket and watching movies.

What're your plans for this weekend? I'd love to know what your favourite thing to do is at the weekend!

Thursday, September 12

Family Time

Time well spent.
{Connor, my new BFF}

If you follow me on Instagram, then you'll already know that I've been spending the past couple of days with my beloved cousins, Charlotte & Danny. Ever since we were little kids we loved having sleepovers and just generally being together (see The Dark Night post here). So it was no surprise that when we got together, we were as jolly as can be. However being teenagers the sleepover was more grown up, with delicious Mojito cocktails and all other wonderful concoctions. For dinner we had a spicy Mexican dish, tacos and nachos with all of the trimmings. After dinner, we listened to music and watched some great movies, before going to the land of nod for a good night's snooze. However the party didn't end there as in the morning Charlotte and I headed out for some freshly baked bagels from a local bakery. Being typically British  we spent most of the morning sipping tea and keeping warm (& sheltered) from the rain outside.

Tuesday, September 10

Goodbye Summer

Hello Autumn

It's true what they say, life passes by faster the older you get. With this in mind, I seriously cannot believe that autumn is here again. Summer seemed to flash by in an instant. Although I do love the changing seasons, the prospect of wearing more layers and drinking too many hot cocoas, there's one thing that I am not looking forward to; and that is the blistery, freezing cold temperatures which Britain is set to experience. Don't get me wrong, it's all worth it when you can make snowmen and appreciate the coziness of your bed at the end of the day. But I am going to miss popping down to the beach and feeling the beating sun on my skin. This summer has been truly magical, I have been to places I have never been before, such as Gran Canaria (Part 1 here & 2 here) and heck, even Llangollen in Wales. However I have to admit that although it has been great to be on summer holiday for four months (because of being at University), I am greatly excited to get back into University and see all my distant friends. Yet I guess until next year, thank you summer for being beautiful and please may Autumn/Winter be as wonderful.

Images/Posts: 1, 2, 4 & 5.

Monday, September 9

The Weekend

When it comes to the weekend, I like to be as chilled as possible, spending time with Ben, my family and friends, just enjoying each others company. However, I find that going out on a walk, whether it's a new or overly repeated route, you always have the best indepth conversations. So this is exactly what Ben and I did on Sunday, we went for an exploration of a nearby forest/nature reserve and chatted, laughed and walked until our hearts were content. This past weekend has been truly wonderful, having fantastic company and delicious food ... what more can a girl ask for?

Friday, September 6

It's The Simple Things

{Sipping Illy espresso whilst reading Richard Dawkins The Greatest Show on Earth}
{Throwback to a spring-time walk around Winter Hill}
{The beauty of buzzing bees at work}

With life being so hectic and readily willing to pass us by in an instant; it is important to realize and relish in the simple things in life which make it all that sweeter. It is difficult sometimes to stop and look at the world around you, heck even the countless trees and chirping birds that pass you by when you're driving. This realization also applies to those loved ones around you, remembering that each and every minute is vital. So, without saying YOLO, lets just say, stop for a moment every once in a while and appreciate the life you have and be grateful for the continuous blessings that come your way, however big or little - they all count.

Thursday, September 5


A few nights ago, Ben and I ventured out into the open farmer's field to have a picnic and watch the sun set. The colours in the sky were truly wonderful and the field felt so peaceful, only being surrounded by bails of hay. Although I do love cities, I would never want to live away from the countryside, everything about it is idyllic, such as the sleepy landscape with the odd cattle around. For our picnic, we took a blanket, some warm outerwear and rested ourselves against a bail of hay. We talked for hours until the sun waved goodbye in the distance and a navy blue blanket with twinkling stars covered the sky.

Tuesday, September 3

Gran Canaria: Video Diary

A first of many to come. I wanted to share my holiday antics with you in a more personable way.