Tuesday, August 27

This Weekend

This weekend has been wonderful as not only has it been a bank holiday weekend, but Ben and I have been spending time with our families. Friday was pretty low-key, we stayed in and recuperated in anticipation of our fun-filled weekend. However, I did enjoy watching the ever so hilarious Peter Kay, my stomach was hurting from all the laughing!
On Saturday we headed out to lovely Liverpool to do a spot of shopping and also to indulge in delicious Cafe Nero pots of tea and cinnamon swirls. It has been a very, very long time since our last trip into Liverpool and I forgot how fantastic it was! We discovered lots of new restaurants hidden away at the top of Liverpool One, they even had a Wagamama’s (aka my favourite restaurant ever). After exhausting ourselves shopping, we went to a local pub with Ben’s family to catch up before heading back to his parents’ house for a scrumptious meal.
For a while my family had been meaning to go to the cinema, but hadn’t quite decided on the film to see. However once we saw the Elysium trailer, we were off to the cinema in no time. And to be honest, I was captivated by the movie, the story line, the actors – everything and I was a little unsure I’d like a Sci-Fi movie.
With it being a bank holiday, on Monday we kept it quiet, just cooking, gardening and having a picnic whilst the sun set over the fields. Weekends are really a fantastic time to spend time with your family and enjoy all the little things in life; like the smell of freshly baked cookies.


  1. Love it! I also love a low-key weekend wherein you get to eat good food, relax with your loved ones, and see old sights... it's a lot of fun and even more worthwhile!

    By the way, I've updated my blog with a new post. I'd love for you to swing by :)

  2. Cafe Nero do the best mochacinos too - Liverpool one is insane, did you buy anything? Elysium looks so good, might have to see that one. I wanna see Pain And Gain with mark Walberg - looks hilarious.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

    1. I bought a few things, a birthday present for my friend, some hair products and a new diary!
      I would definitely recommend Elysium, such an amazing movie. Pain and Gain looks really good too, Mark Wahlberg is hiliarious.
      Much Love,
      Kate xo

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  4. Beautiful pictures you look very pretty.

  5. nice pics! I hope you have enjoyed your Weekend!

  6. Lovely pics!

    That ice-cream van is adorable :)

    Hmm maybe...

  7. Aw! how great to spend your weekend! love when you said your stomach hurt because laughing so much; laughing is one of the best things in life :) ! I wish one day to visit Liverpool :) I love Sci-Fi movies and Elysium is on my list.
    Love all the pics specially the last two.
    ps: hope you like my last two posts :)

  8. What a great weekend! I love the pics with the cows, how fun!


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