Tuesday, August 13

The Repurchases

Benefit Fake Up // Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum // Soap & Glory Clean, Girl Body Wash // Herbal Essences Hello Hydration

When it comes to cosmetics, skin care and the like, I tend to have a rotation of products that I continuously purchase over and over again as they never disappoint. Before my first purchase of Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum I was a No7 foundation lover, however I started to have a wondering eye when my friend recommended it me. And as for the quality of this product - well, it's such a perfect texture and lasts all day, covering up any imperfections and leaving your skin looking impeccably flawless. 

As for Benefit Fake Up, well there's a story behind this beauty. If you've already seen the post waaay back in March of the ELLE Magazine & Benefit Cosmetics event I attended - jump to the Soap & Glory part. If not, then I'll give you the 411. In March I was invited to attend the ELLE Magazine & Benefit Cosmetics event to celebrate the launch of their then new beauty product, Fake Up. And literally ever since then I have remained loyal to this concealer as it is literally ah-mazing.

Whenever I have a shower or a bath I nearly always use Soap & Glory's Body Wash as it smells delicious and the product is so creamy that your skin is getting a dose of moisture whilst you shower. Mmmm, this really is perfection in a bottle.

And last, but by no means least is Herbal Essences' Hello Hydration is a wonderful deep nourishing, intensive mask that I use once a week to keep my hair silky soft and healthy. You will be able to purchase this, or any of the Herbal Essences masks in any drugstore.


  1. love the packaging of the soap and glory body wash! thanks for the recommendations.


  2. The body wash looks promising! :)

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  3. seems great products dear...want to try bourjois serum...very curious about it
    happy day

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  4. nice products! I want to try the bourjois foundation!

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  5. Nice inspuiration. Great day.

  6. I've just purchased herbal essences mask and conditioner , they smell gorgeous! I'll be happy if you check out my blog too=)

  7. I love bourjois too! they offer great quality for low price:) and definitely going to buy herbal essences mask! xx

  8. Nice Stuff I like it, A G+ For Post and you Have a Nice Day. . :)


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