Friday, August 9

Let's Go SUP Boarding

So since my last post on Ben and I getting Back On Our Bikes, our SUP Board has arrived. And not only that, but we have also found lots of places to go SUP-ing (if that is even a word). So, on Sunday, Ben and myself unwrapped our beautiful Jobe Surf 'SUP Board and took it out for a good go on a lake near where we live. 

The SUP Board we have is an inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board as we thought that our first board should be an inflatable so it is easier to take on holiday and also for just general use as it is compact and also comes with a bag which has straps so it is easy to carry. When it comes to SUP boards, you can either opt for a hardboard or an inflatable - and to be honest with you, the inflatable SUP boards are just as good as the hard-boards; and they're nicer on the pennies. When I first discovered that you could get a soft SUP board, I was a tad worried as I thought that it wouldn't be as solid as a hardboard. However there is no need to worry as the inflatable SUP boards are just as durable and strong as a hardboard (they're not like your regular inflatable beach toy ... you'd be surprised at their strength!).

We thought that we would practice our balance and whatnot on a lake before we go back out to stand up paddle boarding on the sea. Also, with it being a new board, we wanted to go somewhere with still-ish water so we could get to know the board better. And to be honest with you, I was quite surprised at how much my balance had improved since our first go in Gran Canaria (part I & II). I didn't fall off once - and neither did Ben! We were very happy bunnies.

I wore a Tiki Wetsuit, which is actually a kids size, but you need to make sure that your wetsuit is tight-fitting so that the minimal amount of heat escapes when/if you fall into the water. There is going to be an upcoming post on the ideal wetsuits. Also, with my wetsuit I wore a bouyant jacket (this is very similar to a life jacket). However one thing that I am going to invest in is a pair of wetsuit boots for when I am going in lakes, rivers and canals. 

This weekend we're planning on going over to Formby beach to test out the board on the waves. However I would advise if you're interested in doing any type of water sport on the open ocean, then make sure that you make sure it is safe with the lifeguards and then do your activities in the view of the lifeguards. As let's be honest, you don't know whether you'll need them if the currents become too strong.

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  1. Oh wow, I've never done anything like that but it looks amazing!

  2. oh great i never done this before even i never think to do that but it look amazing !!!!!!!

  3. A water sport I will like to try thanks to you doll.

  4. Ahh so jealous :) Hope you're having a lovely Summer babe

    Ruth x

  5. hi kate! nice photos :) i tried paddle board last May and i had a hard time maintaining my balance lol but when i did surfing this august, it was totally fun!

  6. nice post,hun:-)


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