Friday, August 2

Back On Our Bikes

{I'm wearing: Oakley Tee, The North Face Backpack, Michael Kors Watch, Adidas Pants & Nike Shoes}
{Ben's wearing: Ripcurl Cap, Ted Baker Tee, Hollister Shorts & Nike Shoes}

Since we've been back from Gran Canaria (previous post here and here), the weather has surprisingly been warm, humid and dry, which given Britain's weather track record, that's pretty good going as it's usually raining, even in summer. So, feeling energized after a lovely long Sunday lie in, we headed out on our bikes into the open countryside. However, it wasn't just any normal bike ride, we were on a mission to find places where we could go paddle boarding. Paddle boarding, commonly pronounced, Stand Up Paddle Boarding or SUP is were you go on either a lake, river, canal or the sea and use a board which is very similar to a surf board along with one paddle to row yourself along. SUP is not a common watersport so the actual equipment is quite costly, ranging from £600 to £1000 for a SUP Board and £500 for a paddle. Nonetheless, we have bought all the equipment and are literally buzzing to use it, as it is a fantastic sport!

We cycled in search of ideal places to use our equipment and then stopped off for a rest in a forest to shelter from the sudden downpour of rain. Here we searched on our iPhones for the next lakes to visit before heading back home.

On our journey home along the canal, we encountered stormy weather which forced us to take cover under a canal bridge. But not all was lost as Ben had thankfully brought playing cards so we had a few games of intense card games until the rain wore off.

There is something truly relaxing about biking, however it is also a great sport to do as you really do burn a lot of calories and mountain biking especially is a great cardio workout. Although I do love using the bikes at the gym, actually going out and about and discovering places that you never knew exsisted or appreciated is far better!

After our adventure around Burscough countryside, we cooked up a protein-filled meal to help heal our muscles after a strenuous bike ride and then rested our heads (& legs!) for a long night's sleep.


  1. This looks like such a wonderful experience! It's great that you're doing something you love and that keeps you active :)

  2. Looks like you guys had fun :) I love being outdoors. Hiking is one of my favorite activities ever. I haven't biked in years! I probably should do it again soon while the weather is perfect.

    Great pictures!

    xo Azu

  3. Those bikes look very similar to the ones I have at home. I miss riding on them so much! Btw, did you use any product on your hair, or is that wave all-natural?


    1. Hello Brittney,
      The waves are natural, I just let my hair dry after washing it :)
      Much Love,
      Kate xo

  4. such a romantic bike ride! looks like you both had a fun time.


  5. nice pics very pretty atmosphere !!!!!!!! beautiful post

  6. Looks like a perfect day. Have a nice weekend.

  7. Beautiful images. Keep in touch.

  8. nice experience it seems

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  9. How awesome, I love adventures! That first pic is gorgeous!


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