Wednesday, July 24

Voluminous Summer Hairstyles

In summer I really love experimenting with different hairstyles, whether it be curls, straight, up-do's and whatnot, trying out different hairstyles is always something fun to do. However I must admit, my personal favourite has to be voluminous, clean and breezy hairstyles, hairstyles that look so effortlessly charming. So, I have compiled three of my ultimate favourite voluminous hairstyles that I think are a must for summer.
Romantic curls is such an easy hairstyle to achieve and is a great hairstyle to go for if you're going out for a meal or drinks with your friends. The bouncy, smooth curls give you that salon look, but instead you've accomplished this style at home with heat rollers and a spritz of hairspray.
1 After assembling your hair into the hot rollers and left them in for at least 45 minutes, then unravel in the direction of your curls.
2 Pin a piece of twisted hair back to give your bellowing fringe more definition. Or you could opt not to clip any hair back for a daytime look.
Beach waves is a classic summer look and my all time favourite go-to look as you really can't go wrong with loose, messy curls. What started my love for beach waves was Lauren Conrad's hair in The Hills as she always had gorgeous, golden, Californian waves and ever since I've been recreating that very look. This look, without saying, is perfect for going to the beach.
1 Curl your hair in sections, I start from the bottom layer and work my way to the top of my head, leaving the curling tongue on each section for about 10 seconds; however it really just depends on the heat of your tongues, mine was at 190 Celsius.
2 Once your hair has cooled, run your fingers threw your hair, this will ensure that your hair has a wave-like effect; and not separated curls.
The voluptuous ponytail is such an easy, yet put-together look. Whenever I'm out in Manchester or Liverpool I see countless girls sporting this look, especially in Selfridges beauty section. The great part about this hairstyle is that it looks stylish, but not trying too hard with the loose bangs at the front and the messy swirled piece of hair at the top of the ponytail. I would wear my hair like this if I was wearing an item of clothing with a statement neckline or pattern.

1 Collect your hair and put it into a bobble, however resist the urge to neaten your hair as this will counteract the look.
2 Grab a piece of hair from underneath your ponytail and wrap it around the bobble. Then secure with 2 - 3 bobby pins. Spritz lightly hairspray over the wrapped piece of hair to secure it.

What's your favourite summertime hairstyle?


  1. Great job thanks for the tip andvthe images are beautiful.

  2. great ideas, i think my hair isn't quite long enough for the last one, but i'll try the other two.

  3. All of these hairstyles are gorgeous! I just love the first one.

  4. beautiful! i like the simple beach waves. ♥
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  5. Really pretty! Love them all :D

    X lisa

  6. Your hair is so beautiful! I love the beach waves xxx

    The perks of being a hipster

  7. great! ;)

  8. Awesome. I love them all.

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  9. Thank you for these tips! You are so pretty!

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  10. very good post! You look so pretty :)

    Xenia | LifeandFashion.explorer

  11. I love all of these, you look so wonderful!

  12. Lovely hairstyles! My favourite is the last one! <3

    I have a hair tutorial on my blog too xD


  13. Liked first hairstyle a lot...
    Nice post sweets.....
    may be we can follow each other..!!
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  14. Gorgeous your hair and hairstyles made ​​practical!


  15. Beautiful hairstyles!
    Love them all. I'll absolutely try them :)


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