Saturday, July 6

This Week

{Earlier in the week, organizing my holiday check list}

This week has been pleasantly relaxing, I've been running numerous errands before my summer holiday with B; being the neurotic girl that I am. I literally cannot believe that it is this Monday that B and I go away on our long awaited vacation to Gran Canaria. I also got my University grades back yesterday and I couldn't be more thrilled, it's truly amazing how quickly first year has whizzed past - I really can't believe I'll be in second year from September! But do not worry my sweeties about me being away as the blog will still be alive and breathing with posts that I cannot wait to be published. So keep your eyes peeled and have an amazing weekend!
{Not only was there a lovely sunset, but a hot air balloon sailed above us}
{Traditional sweet shop which is reminiscent of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory}
{Mouth-wateringly good pancakes}
{An early morning rush around town}


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