Saturday, July 27

Holiday Blues

Okay, so coming back from a fabulous holiday is never great, having to dive back into everyday chaos and actually having to set alarms on your phone; rather than having ridiculously long lie-ins. However, one of the things that I actually do get excited about coming home for, is getting clean and removing any last speck of sand off my skin. So I have compiled six things that I am all about right now that I am back from Gran Canaria.

1 Sanctuary Spa Intensive Heel Balm really is a life saver for those dehydrated, cracking heels which have suffered enormously from your favourite pair of sandals. What I tend to do to get the best results is exfoliate, preferably with it's sibling, Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub and then generously apply the intensive heel balm before slipping on a comfy pair of socks. Leave these on overnight and in the morning your feet will feel baby-soft!

2 So, like already mentioned, the Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub is a must for exfoliating your skin in order to remove any dead skin, clean out your pores. However this salt scrub is intense, so be sure to use a mighty fine moisturizer afterwards. 

3 This is where the heroic Sanctuary Spa Body Butter comes in, this moisturizer is thick and creamy, and has a delicious smell. Once this is applied, your skin will feel soft for days on end. Must buy!

4 Okay, so I've done a lot of talking about skin so far, but hair is just as important and needs a lot of attention if you have highlighted/blonde hair like me. I am a sucker for the Herbal Essences range of hair masks, but Herbal Essences Hello Hydration deep conditioning mask is ideal for recuperating your precious locks after a sun-filled holiday.

5 And last, but definitely not least is the holiday drugstore buy (as it was in a time of emergency due to my skin looking like a fried lobster after a day in the sun) is the Lilien Sun Active Aftersun Burn Relief Ice. Although you may be back from your holidays, it is still vital to be treating those areas of your skin which may be prone to peeling or are still reminiscent of your days looking like a human lobster. This buy was a godsend, quite literally! 


  1. Know now what to get when I get sunburn.thanks for sharing.

  2. Those products look amazing! I love Herbal Essences

  3. really nice products they look!

    FashionEvELand | FEEL

  4. Oh these are great, that heel balm sounds fantastic!


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