Wednesday, July 10

DIY Silver Chevron Rings

I have seen dozens of girls sporting these rings this season, and being the fussy perfectionist that I am, I didn't want to settle for a pair of shop bought chevron rings. So, feeling creative, I made myself two chevron rings which I am going to be wearing indefinitely from now on! This is a surprisingly simple DIY, hope you enjoy!

You will need:

Silver wire (mine was 1.2mm)
Wire cutters
1 Cut a small length of wire.
Fold it in half and then tightly squeeze it together.
3 Open the folded wire carefully.
4 Bend around the shape of your finger.
5 Press the front side down onto the surface, in order to achieve a molded ring.
Cut off any extra length of wire and intertwine the wire securely.
And now you can look effortlessly stylish with these DIY Chevron Rings as well!


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