Wednesday, July 10

DIY Silver Chevron Rings

I have seen dozens of girls sporting these rings this season, and being the fussy perfectionist that I am, I didn't want to settle for a pair of shop bought chevron rings. So, feeling creative, I made myself two chevron rings which I am going to be wearing indefinitely from now on! This is a surprisingly simple DIY, hope you enjoy!

You will need:

Silver wire (mine was 1.2mm)
Wire cutters
1 Cut a small length of wire.
Fold it in half and then tightly squeeze it together.
3 Open the folded wire carefully.
4 Bend around the shape of your finger.
5 Press the front side down onto the surface, in order to achieve a molded ring.
Cut off any extra length of wire and intertwine the wire securely.
And now you can look effortlessly stylish with these DIY Chevron Rings as well!


  1. wow so useful! great idea!

  2. those turned out so cute! such a clever idea!
    and I love your nail polish! looks great on you.

    The Bittersweet Diaries

  3. Wow what a great idea.


  4. That's clever! Love it! ♥
    Keep in touch... :)

  5. fine idea

  6. Great job rings in a instant.


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