Thursday, July 4

Chocolate-Box Chester

Have you ever heard the expression 'Chocolate-box'? If not, it literally means a picturesque, cutesy town that you'd associate with being almost as quaint as a deliciously gorgeous chocolate-box. Well, this is what Chester's like; it's a beautiful little town which is full of history and boutique shops, with of course must have shops like Zara and Jo Malone. 
A few days ago with my father and brother, Mike, we decided to pop into this little town and take in the lovely scenery. I hadn't been there for years so I was super excited to revisit this town. Yet, being the hungry goats that we are, we couldn't resist indulging in a Bella Italia lunch (just for a heads up, this restaurant is a family favourite) before we would go on to discover the town.
For starters, I had the Funghi Arrosto, grilled mushrooms in a creamy cheese sauce and a slice of crispy ciabatta bread. Mike and Dad opted for their favourite appetiser, Gamberi, which is a fiery king prawn dish, also served with a slice of deliciously crisp ciabatta bread. We also had a side dish of two plates of olives, which were unbelievably tasty. 
Next up it was the main, for which I had the Speck Pizza Vita, a homemade pizza which has less than 600 calories, heaven in a pizza if you ask me. And despite the pizza having less calories, it was far more delicious with organic ingredients. Mike had his go-to main, a hamburger with thick homemade chips and ketchup. My dad, like me went for a pizza, but his was a mouth watering monster, with four different toppings. However, no match for my Speck Pizza Vita(!).
After drinking far too much Diet Coke and eating two courses, we headed out to discover Chester. I was literally lost for words with the beauty of this town. Wherever you look there are different types of Tudor, Roman, Medieval architecture. We pottered around for hours, taking way too many photographs and of course looking at the sales. Chester is a great place to visit with numerous tourist attractions and great links into Manchester (aka The Big City) if you're planning on visiting! It really is the quintessential English village. 
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{I and my wonderful brother, Mike}
I'm already planning my next adventure to Chester!


  1. Lovely photos, the food looks amazing!!

    xoxo, Diana ☠

  2. what a tempting food <3

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    Miss Aa

  3. really fabolous place dear

  4. Ohh, what a wonderful place !
    And you;ve got really nice bag :)
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    If so , let me know .

  5. This food looks amazing! Will visit one day.
    Laura. xx

  6. Wow!
    I hope to see this city!

    Kisses from Roma,

  7. Amazing :)
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    xx Sofie

  8. Thisvolace its beautiful I love ciabatta bread.

  9. Wow, really sooo nice pics and looks there so nice. Perfect trip. Have a great day.

  10. Wow. That looks like such a lovely place and that food looks yummy too!
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  11. That seems like a very nice place! lovely pics!

    FashionEvELand | FEEL

  12. I have never heard about "Chocolate-box". on your blog it's first time.
    nice city!
    and yummy pizza with four different toppings. aah..!

    say hello to Mike :)
    best wishes!

  13. Lovely town, I love your pictures! (Great purse, by the way.)

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  14. yummy looks so tasty and good !

    kiss from italy
    The Fashion Factory

  15. Chester look like an beautiful place. Follow me at

  16. Very cozy place, I wish I'd go there someday :) Love all the things you've eaten, looks yummy :P

  17. Nice place. so lovely. I hope I could visit such place someday. :)
    btw, you can visit my blog and join my giveaway. Hope you join. THANK YOU!

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