Thursday, July 11

A Summer's Evening

{Me and my brother, Mike before the performance} 
{Christ being tempted by the Devil}
{The Passion of Christ}
{The story of Adam and Eve}

For the first time ever the other night I witnessed a wonderfully enchanting performance of the Mystery Plays at my local church. Mystery Plays were the earliest formally developed plays performed in Medieval Europe, with the focus upon the representation of the Bible stories in Churches.

So, a few centuries on and my local parish was showcasing the ancient Mystery Plays for all to see. It was a lovely evening where all the audience were greeted by the cast members and a carefully laid buffet for us to indulge in. The weather was beautiful and the church looked breathtaking in the evening sunset. 

After our stomachs were pleasantly full, we were escorted inside to our seats where we awaited the beginning of the performance. And it was truly magical. What I admired most about this performance was that people from all over the local area came together, some to even perform it, and spend the evening together. My mother was even part of the cast and she did a brilliant job!

I also saw people that I hadn't seen for years from Primary School, so it was lovely to catch up on what we were all up to. I cannot wait for the church's next performance! 


  1. Thank you for sharing God Bless You.

  2. this is cute xx

  3. I love theater, this sounds like a really wonderful evening!

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  5. I love the pics. It is so great that your religion is important to you.


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