Saturday, June 1

This Week

{Enjoying a quickly melting ice cream on a summers day walk with B}

To be quite honest with you, this week has been very relaxing, with not a lot going on; but that's the best way to spend your time after a whole load of exams and a busy year at University ... isn't it? I mean of course I haven't not been doing anything, that would be absurd! I've been catching up on my forever growing reading list of books that I want to indulge myself in with all of this free time. I've also still been popping into University, as I am volunteering in my second year as a student mentor which will be fun. So despite finishing exams, I still have homework to do for that, but it's not a chore as I am really enjoying this training to be a mentor. Oh and with it being a bank holiday last Monday this week has felt very distorted, but B and myself have been keeping ourselves occupied, with us cooking tons of delicious meals together. Yet this weekend I plan on going for a long walk and a picnic of course and B and I are going over to his parents for a delicious family meal. 
{The railway tracks that lead to University}
{Games night calls for delicious treats}
{Candy coloured nails for a warm weekend}
{My favourite breakfast, freshly fried pancakes}


  1. Al the food and sweets look so yummy my belly is rumbling looking at them

    Carrieanne x

  2. I'm glad that you've been able to have a relaxing week! Great pictures :)

  3. those ice cream looks so yummy <3

  4. nice pictures !
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  5. yummy stuff!
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  6. That ice cream cone looks soooo good!! Picnics are so fun - I hope you have such a nice time!! Xo

  7. great pics! the icecream looks goood!


  8. nice pics!!!love the style also from the other posts!!!
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  9. Great images

  10. Que dulces tan ricos =) Besos

  11. Great pics..

  12. yummy!looks great!


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