Tuesday, June 25

The Big City

Family time is the best. It's even more fun when you spend time with your family, but in Manchester (aka The Big City) indulging in a delicious meal and talking for hours on end. This is exactly what I did over the weekend with my parents, brother Mike and my sweet B. After a busy week at work, we decided that it was essential to go out on the town and have a fabulous meal together. So we hustled into my Dad's car and whizzed off into Manchester.
The meal was delicious, despite me not being such a fan of the whole "eat as much as you like" scene, this place was beyond my expectations. All of the food was fresh as they made it then and there in the restaurant through the exposed kitchen. This place had all sorts of different cuisines, but the Sushi was my favourite.
With our stomachs full and our cheeks rosey, we set off for a stroll around the big city. The fresh air and persistent buzz of people ended the night perfectly, before we set off home to have a long sleep with content tummies.


  1. Beautiful place thank you for sharing.

  2. it seems you had a very nice time indeed :))). I live sushi too!


  3. It seems you had a very nice time indeed :). I like the sushi too.

    Kisses, Xenia

  4. Looks like a wonderful evening!


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