Wednesday, June 12

DIY Present Tags

With Fathers Day on the horizon (Sunday to be exact), I have made some lovely tags myself to put on his presents. To be honest, these are really quite easy to make once you get the hang of how to design them on Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 or any of the other Adobe Photoshop Elements. Yet you can really go wild and make these present tags for any celebration, even by painting them yourself if you don't have Adobe Photoshop Elements. I just think it is far better to make them yourself than to buy ones from a shop. So below are steps of how to make these personalized present tags.

You will need:
Adobe Photoshop Elements 11
Glue stick
Hole puncher
Thin ribbon
These two above are the tags I made on Adobe Photoshop Elements 11. 
 Once printed, cut out the tags and glue them together using a glue stick. Then let them dry for about 20 minutes.
Using the hole puncher, make a hole in however many tags your doing where you want the ribbon to go through; I put a hole in the center at the top. Then cut the ribbon to the desireable size, mine being 21cm long.

Then write your warm wishes on the back and secure on the gift.


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