Thursday, June 20

Beach Ready: Cosmetics

When it comes to going to the beach or just generally being on holiday/at home and it's too hot to trot with full face makeup on, there is a solution. Here I have compiled my go-to cosmetics when I go to the beach or if I'm too warm on holiday.

What to do:

1 Sun cream is an essential, even for everyday wear, if it's hot, cold or raining, you must protect your skin from harmful UV rays. So I always apply this first, after I have exfoliated and used toner. The other great thing about sun cream, is that it acts like a moisturizer, so throughout the day your skin will be left feeling hydrated and smooth - not to mention you'll have a healthy glow. I always wear SPF 50.

2 Then it's on to the concealer, under the eyes and on any imperfections.

3 Tom Ford's Illuminating Highlight Pen is a lifesaver, applying some on the cheekbones and on the bridge of your nose will give a healthy glow. To apply this and the concealer, I use my cosmetics hero, the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.

4 Next it's onto the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact to add a sun kissed tan to your face and neck. This works well with the Tom Ford Highlighting pen.

5 Even if you are one of those people that would prefer not to wear makeup to the beach, mascara is a must, and this Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara makes your eyes really pop.

6 For a lovely glossy pink colour on my lips I always apply the Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss.


  1. I love those products!! Real techniques is awsome!!

  2. great products!

  3. I never try Tom Ford highlights pen might need to buy to give it a try. I always wear spf, mascara and bb cream with spf. To go to the beach. Need to always look good at all time.

  4. I have to try the Benefit Fake Up product because everyone is talking about it, great post!
    xoxo -B ♡

  5. lovely post!

    FashionEvELand | FEEL

  6. Great tips! Now I just have to wait for the sun!

  7. awesome stuff,love those brushes :)

  8. Oh that Tom Ford highlighter pen looks great! I need something like that for under my eyes.

  9. Amazing post! Love the products!

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog,following each other sounds good,so I'm following you now on GFC and Bloglovin' and now it's your turn! :)

  10. Great post with wonderful tips! you look stunning


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