Thursday, May 23

Beauty Bargain #7

If you live in Britain, or are familiar with it's weather and tendency to be cold and rainy for the majority of the year; then you will also be aware of the fact that your hands will take a beating from the cold weather. Although I do normally wear gloves (if it's ridiculously cold) or plonk my hands in my coat pockets; my hands still loose an enormous amount of moisture in the cold air. Thus it was time to go on a hunt for a hand cream which would hydrate my dry hands and this is where the Soap & Glory Hand Food saves the day! I have always been a fan of the Soap & Glory range, which you can probably tell by this post, mainly because their products are so damn good and their prices are kind to my bank account.
So let's get down to the nitty-gritty. I was not a stranger to Hand Food when I was on my hunt for the best hand cream as I was given it on several occasions by friends and family as part of a present. Yet because I had never actually purchased one for myself, I was oblivious to the cheap-as-chips price they go for ... £2.50 (50ml) or a cool £5 (125ml). I opted for the 50ml version as I needed it to be easy to lug around with me on an average day at University. Hand Food lasts such a long time as well and if you're looking to purchase the 125ml one, then I would even go as far to say that it can be used as a body moisturiser as well. The cream is thick and has a wonderfully fruity smell, leaving your hands hydrated and smelling good enough to eat!


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  2. In Seattle, we often get cold and rainy weather too. At least 9 months out of the year. Yup, we also use products to treat our weathered skin. We don't have Soap and Glory but wouldn't mind it coming this way.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts of the hand cream.

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  4. Thanks for sharing this great tip. I need to try it.

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  5. Thanks for sharing, Kate!:) I need to try it, later;)

  6. Thank you I never new of this product until now. Great post.

  7. Nice informative post darlig!!

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  8. Tengo muchas ganas de probar los productos de esta marca! besos

  9. nice find it seems!

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  10. I love Soap and Glory, Its great if you have sensitive skin as well, I tend to have a problem finding products that don't irritate my skin but Soap and Glory are perfect :)
    Jessica xx


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