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Splurge or Save

I must confess that I do have a love for statement necklaces, I think they are the best accessory any girl can have (apart from a Mulberry Bayswater of course!). A statement necklace could turn a simple casual outfit into a chic, stylish look. However it is crucial to get the right statement necklace, otherwise it may just end up look clumpy and cheap. So, I have devised two similar styles of statement necklaces which I personally think are so versatile and could be worn in any season. I adore the Tom Binns necklace because of the ridiculously gorgeous skull, but I think I prefer the Adia Kibur version (not only because of the price) but because of the pastel shades, making it feel more feminine and sophisticated.

Would you splurge or save on a statement necklace?

The Hair Series Part II

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Bloody Mary

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Blown Away

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Beauty Bargain #7

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The Hair Series Part I

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Review: Percy & Reed Heat Protect Styling Mist


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Indulge in a Novel

{A Street Cat Named Bob}

One of the absolute pleasures of being a University student, commuting virtually everyday, embarking on an hour long train journey (both ways!) is that you can really indulge in a good novel. For a majority of my first year at University I would just listen to the same music playlist over and over again on my commute in and out of the big city. But it all changed one morning when I decided to take this sweet (untouched) Christmas treat on the train with me. From the first page I was encapsulated by the story line  I could not close the book shut, constantly wanting to go further into the story. A Street Cat Named Bob is based on a true story, almost like a diary of the adventures of a homeless busker/Big Issue worker in London who comes across Bob, the ginger homeless cat and they become the greatest friends. This book has really taught me a lot of things, it has opened my eyes to what some people live like. James Bowen, the author, explains what it is like to live rough on the streets of London, the troubles he has encountered and how he is trying to turn his life around. Everything changes when he meets Bob, they both are support systems for each other, living better lives together. However I must admit, I haven't finished reading this yet, I don't want to finish it! It really is that good. Yet I already have a long list of books I want to read on my commute into University, I love how the train journey flies by when I'm reading a fantastic book.

Have you got any books you'd recommend?

Tuesday, May 14

Apple Strudel Cake

Apple strudel cake is one of those deserts that never disappoints. There's one thing that I always look for in a recipe, and that is a light, fluffy texture as I truly do believe that there's nothing worse than a heavy, stodgy cake. This cake is a surprising treat for guests who are unfamiliar with it as the flavours and actual texture is the perfect combination. The top is sprinkled with a crunchy layer of sugar, hazelnut, cinnamon and butter. What a fabulous combination! Oh, and the apples which are within the strudel cake are a fruity delight, as you probably already know from my future recipe posts, at the minute I'm going through a phase of loving deserts with fruit involved. I have saved this recipe for future baking, it's completely amazing!

Monday, May 13

Review: Estee Lauder Silky Hydrating Lotion

Recently you may be aware of me consistently raving about Estee Lauder's products (here and here) but I seriously cannot get enough of them! And this toner is no exception. I got this toner the same time I bought it's sibling product, Estee Lauder Soft Clean Moisture Rich Foaming Cleanser and they really do work a treat. This, however, manages to remove any last inklings of dirt, leaving your skin feeling replenished and moisturized. It really is a silky texture as well, once you have dabbed some of the product onto a cotton wool, it is exceptionally silky, moisturizing your face whilst extracting any unwanted dirt. However I must also state that there is a version for oily skin which I've heard just as good reviews about. Yet, this product is no Beauty Bargain like the Garnier Soft Essentials Comforting Toner ranging from £21 (200ml) to £31 (400ml) but it will promise to leave your face perfectly clean and hydrated. 

Sunday, May 12

Splurge or Save

As Spring is well and truly here, so is the need to get a pair of pumps in a bright colour, such as these gorgeous blue suede pumps above. However, lets be honest, you don't want to abuse your bank, so why not opt for virtually the same shoe for a fraction of the price?! These blue suede pumps would go with literally anything, a skinny pair of jeans and your favourite leather jacket, or a breezy summer dress. Topshop also offers different colours, such as pink, black, white, multicoloured or even silver! *Out of breath* The options are really endless!

Saturday, May 11

This Week

{Cherry Blossom lines the streets}

This week has been one of those weeks that you just don't want to end. It is my last week in University, and despite having a chaotic start to the week trying to meet deadlines, I have had a wonderful last week at University. As you know, I went to the beach with B and went on lots of walks, making the most of the delightful weather. I am so excited though for the rest of the summer, after my exams finish of course!Oh, and my throat is finally improving, I have been feeling more like myself and more motivated than ever to do well. I'm also still sticking to It's Not a 'Diet' routine, which seems to be going well. 
{B & I indulged in deliciously summery drinks and some chips}
{The wonders of nature - baby ducklings}
{In the office working on my assignment}
{A funny name and logo on a boat}

Have you got any exciting plans for the weekend?

Friday, May 10

Pastel Blue

{Reiss Silk Tee (similar here), Hollister Jeans, Michael Kors Watch, Tiffany Ring, MAC 'Snob' Lipstick, Ray Ban Aviators, Primark Sandals & Mulberry Bayswater}

It's one of those days when I can wear my gorgeously soft silk tee from Reiss and not have to wear a jacket at all. I am seriously loving May so far, the weather is beautiful and therefore I can wear loose tees and strappy sandals without freezing. This look feels casual, but sophisticated with the Mulberry Bayswater (review here) and sandals, it's perfect for running around the big city running errands. 

Thursday, May 9

Beach Life

{Regetta Fleece, Topshop Tee, Hollister Denim Shorts & Ray Ban Wayerers}

If you follow me on instagram and twitter, you'll know that I and B, along with our little cutie, Dexter, went for a trip to the beach on Bank Holiday Monday. It was such a beautiful day, the beach (at Formby) was crowded with families, couples, friends, everyone was there - you name it. There was an excited atmosphere in the air as everyone was celebrating the arrival of the warm & sunny weather (finally!). B came prepared with a picnic for me and him, as well as some delicious dog treats for Dexter. We sat on a sand dune and had the best view of all of the beach, it was like being at a fashion show, so many people were wearing gorgeous clothing, amazing bikinis and very well kept hair, despite the windiness. My hair just never seems to be obedient, it does whatever the hell it likes. Anyway, our outing to the beach got me in the mood for mine and B's summer vacation this July. I just can't wait for this weekend to enjoy even more beautiful weather. *fingers crossed*.

Wednesday, May 8

Beauty Bargain #6

I have to say, it's been years since I bought a Rimmel London nail polish, and to be honest, I don't know why I left it so long! While I was doing my weekly shop, I noticed this Rimmel London black nail polish sitting on the shelf, the last one! So I couldn't resist, and I know it does sound crazy as it is Spring and really I should be wearing pastel colours, but I do love a jet black nail every now and again. Oh, and giving that it is just under £3, how could you say no!? 
As soon as I got home I applied this only to the finger nails and it looks gorgeous. I would probably advise to apply this when you are watching an episode of Sex and The City because it does take a long time to dry. You will also need to apply 2 - 3 coats. But once this is done, you are ready to go. Yet I would say that this nail polish probably at best lasts 3 days, so you may go through the pot quite quick if you really do love a certain colour from the Rimmel London Lasting Finish range. 

*Currently at Superdrug there is a 3 for 2 offer, so stack up on whatever beauty essentials you need/want whilst you can!

Tuesday, May 7

Art Deco

{Reiss Trilby, River Island Blazer, Topshop Silk Blouse & Suit Pants, Forever 21 Pumps, MAC 'Ruby Woo' Lipstick & Rimmel London 'Black Cab' Nail Polish}

I have had this trilby for a while now and I absolutely love the vintage, art deco feeling it gives to an outfit. The colour as well is a gorgeous shade of mahogany red and the velvet black detailing makes it feel more structured. I think the soon-to-be release of The Great Gatsby is having an impact on my dressing, I just love the vintage clothes and jewellery. Although the gun metal holographic pumps really gives this outfit a modern edge, so I don't look like I've just escaped from a time machine! Have a fabulous day sweeties!

Monday, May 6

Iced Lemon Curd Layer Cake


As the weather's improving quite nicely, I decided to make a lemon cake, bursting with citrus flavours and soft sponge. This is the perfect solution to a desert on a lovely weekend evening. I love how the thick layers of lemon inbetween each layer of sponge give it that extra kick of fruitiness. I got the recipe from here and if you remember my post on my mother's birthday (here) then you'll have been waiting for the recipe to arise! Bright colours and delicious summer flavours, a great start to the week. Have a cheery Monday!

Sunday, May 5

Dip Dye

{Chloe Sunglasses, Tiffany Necklace & Ring, Mango Knit, Topshop Skirt, Miss Selfridge Shoes, Rimmel London 'Black Cab' Nail Polish & Sassy Frass Benefit Lipstick}

Due to it being a bank holiday weekend, B and I decided to celebrate. The weather is improving, the sun was shining however there was a wind, so I wore a pastel coloured knit with the skirt so I wouldn't be shivering. Mixing summery clothes with winter clothes is a great solution when the weather is unpredictable. I also dashed on the Sassy Frass lipstick by Benefit Cosmetics to give it a stark contrast, as well as applying jet black Rimmel London nail polish. 

What're you up to this weekend?