Wednesday, April 10

Three Cheese Tagliatelle

This meal is absolutely delicious, filling and nutritious. I like to make my own meals as I know exactly what is going into it and I am in control things which I want to avoid. So for a quiet night in with the parents, my mother and I cooked up this delicious recipe, which you'll find here by the very talented Delia Smith. The cheese sprinkled on the top of the dish really gave the meal a kick in flavours and textures. We also added some basil which gave it a summery flavour (if you get my jist). I would certainly recommend this dish to anyone who wants to eat a healthy, high in nutrients meal!


  1. This looks delicious!!

    <3 Josephine

  2. perfect spring recipe my darling!!Can i have a dinner whith you? I wait for me that i am arriving!!

    A flower parfumed kiss for you!

    I wait for you for a new MANICURE post!!

  3. Great blog. I love that it is filled with great fashion and yummy recipes. This looks amazing. Thanks for sharing!



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