Tuesday, April 9

Review: Sleep in Rollers

{Result from using the Sleep in Rollers}

This is your solution to frizzy, uncontrollably messy locks. Sleep in Rollers save you tons of time in the morning and are surprisingly comfortable to sleep with! The packaging promises you a great night's sleep, waving "Goodbye to Sleepless Nights". Okay, I've got to be honest here, it does take a while to adjust to sleeping with these rollers in your hair, there's also a knack to putting them in properly. What I would advise when putting these in, is to avoid putting the rollers anywhere over your ears, this is because they are Velcro and therefore really hurt your ear if pressure is put on them (your head!). Next, you only need to put one clip in each roller on the underside, secure to the root of your hair, otherwise you will get a bump in your hair when they are removed. There are two different methods and consequently results of putting these rollers in: either a) horizontally to give your hair volume and loose curls or b) vertically to give your hair bouncy curls.

The verdict with these rollers is a mostly positive as they do create amazing results, giving you amazing hair and a stress free morning. However you do need to apply hairspray if you have done the horizontal method as the curls to fall. Also lets not forget that these rollers save your hair from heat and are a healthy way of ensuring beautiful hair. Yet I must admit that I do not use these rollers as frequently as I thought I would as it means me not having a fully comfortable sleep. I would say that I only use these for special occasions and the like, otherwise I'll use heated curlers to save myself the sometimes uncomfortable nights. Additionally, my hair is ridiculously thick and I only just about am able to put my hair in the twenty rollers. However they are extremely well priced, for a joyous £17.95!! Go grab yourself a bag!


  1. Wow your hair looks so nice and voluminous here! <3 Would you like to follow each other? (:

  2. nice! thanks for sharing, and the packageee does look soo cute! haha

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  3. you are simply "magnifica" !!
    so cute (:D) !!
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  4. Very nice look;)


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  5. i like how they curl ! so natural :)


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  6. Lovelyy look ! Might get these :)

  7. Your hair looks ... AMAZING !!! ;)

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  8. Wow your hair looks so soft and dreamy! I think the only time I've ever tried sleep in rollers was back in middle school and had a pretty terrible but hilarious outcome!

  9. Oh very very nice!!!


  10. It looks lovely! Even with the hairspray, though, do they stay in? My hair refuses to hold a curl.

    1. Yeah they do actually stay in, even after sleeping on your hair the curls stay in! Obviously they loosen throughout the day but there's still some bounce in your hair!
      Kate xo

  11. Wow! Your hair looks lovely!

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