Wednesday, April 24

Review: Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Gone are the days of applying foundation with fingers, resulting in a uneven application of coverage and left with fingers covered in liquid foundation. I discovered this brand, Real Techniques from my make up artist friend who had nearly the whole collection of brushes. However, me being me, a non-makeup artist; I started with the basics - which is the Expert Face Brush. I knew already what this clever brush could do as my friend had used it persistently on me so I gleefully snapped one up. Although I must admit I was extremely tempted to purchase the whole collection as they seem far too good to be lying around on the shelves! My brush came in at just under £9 which is a steal if you ask me, considering the prices other brands ask for for the same/similar brushes. 
It's simple to use as well, all you need to do is apply directly onto the bristles the amount of foundation you want on each section of your face and then in circular motions, massage into the facial area and neck. The results are flawless, it literally looks like a professional has done your makeup for you and then you've been airbrushed! There are no lines, streaks or signs of application of foundation and not once since I purchased this brush has one single bristle came out. You can apply nearly anything with this brush, from highlighting liquid, cream blush or any powdered cosmetics. 
I've got nothing but praise to say about this brush and the collection as a whole - I am now looking into buying a Stippling Brush for application of cream blush so that the pink colour from the blush does not mix in with the foundation brush.


  1. Yo también prefiero utilizar brochas para el maquillaje!!

    Ideal post!!


  2. These brushes are on my Wish List!!

    Carrieanne x

  3. La verdad es que tiene muy buena pinta.


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  5. Hi I want that brush!! it's on my wish list!
    I have a Giveaway on my Blog!

    xoxo Vane

  6. Had this brush on my wishlist for so long! Lovely blog sweetie x



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