Monday, April 15

Lemon Water

When I wake up in the morning I always have lemon squeezed in hot water with my breakfast. I find it instantly refreshing and tasty. As I am eating far healthier than I ever have before, this hot lemon water drink is part of my breakfast routine now. There are numerous benefits with drinking it as well, which is an added bonus.

a) Balances pH levels: although you would instantly assume that as lemons contain citric acid they are therefore high in acidity, you couldn't be more wrong. In fact lemons are the most alkaline food you can possibly have and consequently reduce your body's acidity.

b) Immune system booster: due to lemons being high in vitamin C, you therefore reduce your risk of getting a cold. Not only that but lemons are great for your brain and nerve system, meanwhile also helping to control your blood pressure.

c) Lemons are diuretic: this means that lemons increase the rate of urination which therefore means that your urine is purified and stimulating your bladder which is great for your health.

d) Aids digestion: this means that unwanted materials are flushed out as the liver produces more bile which is needed for digestion.

e) Helps weight loss: as lemons are high in pectin fibre which helps combat those hunger cravings. It is also worth noting that those who have a more alkaline diet will loose weight faster.

f) Clears your complexion: as already stated, lemons are high in vitamin C and therefore reduces wrinkles and blemishes. Not only that but you can apply it directly onto scars to decrease their appearance.

g) Goodbye coffee: drinking lemon supplements the need to have coffee.

h) Fresh breath: however be careful of your intake of lemon water as the citric acid erodes your enamel. 

i) Calmness: vitamin C, contained in lemons, reduces stress throughout your mind and body.

j) Relieves respiratory difficulties: say goodbye to chest infections, whilst also helping those with asthma and allergies.


  1. I've been doing the same thing because I've heard of all the great benefits lemons have, thanks for sharing!


  2. today I'm reading the second post about water and lemon, maybe have to try it tomorrow :)
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  4. Thanks for info!! Lovely mug! I have one similar!!! ;)

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  5. Great post. I try and drink lemon in hot water to balance out the effects of my coffee habit but I'm hopelessly addicted. I also add grated root ginger to pretty much most of the food I cook as it's alkalizing x

    Cosmetic Debris

  6. giving such recipes one should add that this is not good for people who suffer digestion problems like gastriris for example as such recipes can be a reason of certain damage to health to some people...

  7. Good to know! I need more lemons, stat!! New follower! Follow back?

  8. I always knew lemon water was a good beverage as apposed to drinking juices,
    def one of favorites.
    Although, i didn't know all of the benefits.
    Great post!
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  9. Wow, nice tips! I love putting lemon in water but had no idea it has so many benefits! Thanks for this post!

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