Sunday, April 28

Instagram: April

1: My ever growing MAC lipstick family, Snob and Ruby Woo (Review on MAC 'Snob' here)
2: A chocolate for Easter, how could anyone possibly eat this little cutie?
3: Me and B relaxing together after a long day
4: Working up a sweat at the gym (see 'It's Not a Diet' here)
5: The view of the Lake Districts ('British Beauty' here)
6: Ready for a photo shoot, Nikon at the ready
7: Lace Waist here
8: Snug as a bug in a rug before heading off to University

It's got to be said, I love Instagram. I'm one of those people that automatically checks my Instagram account news feed whenever I go on my iPhone. It's just so much fun, an easy way to document things and share them with your friends & followers. I also love being able to follow the bloggers I am obsessed with and nosey into the lives of celebrities. Having said that, I like to think of my Instagram as my photo diary. Follow me on @andkateblog to keep up to date on what I get up to as a University student/fashion blogger.


  1. I love your life bella ! XSE

  2. Thanks for sharing these great pictures.
    If you get a sec, check out my latest post 'Leather on Leather'.


  3. it is always very interesting to see small pics taken from other lives - instagram is a lot of fun

    watch me here!

  4. Love, love the pics they are so fun!

  5. That so cool photos! I just found your blog, I follow you!


  6. Hi Kate! Pretty nice pics!! ♥

    Lady Trends


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