Monday, April 22

Beauty Bargain #5

A few weeks ago I started to notice that my hair was becoming dead at the ends and loosing its softness. So I snooped around the drugstore, looking for the perfect solution. I have been a huge fan of Herbal Essences for years now so when I came across this red tub of joy, I had to buy it. Not only was it as cheap as chips, a steal if you ask me(!) at just under £4, the intensive mask works a treat on dry or damaged hair. This product is really simple and a quick solution to conditioning, probably taking about 7 minutes in total to apply and wash out. All you need to do is massage the mask from roots to ends and then comb through (using a wide angle tooth comb) and then leave on for 5 minutes. I would advise applying a generous amount, you'll know for yourself how much you should apply. After this, thoroughly rinse off, making sure all of the product is out, otherwise your hair (roots especially) will feel greasy. Repeat this once a week, however after one usage, you will definitely notice the difference and the raspberry extracts leave your hair smelling like a field of flowers! There are is also a matching shampoo for extra moisture and defense against dryness. I definitely think I will be investing in the other types of intensive masks from the Herbal Essences range very soon.


  1. i love herbal essences...and its parfume!!
    great idea to care the hair dear!!
    thanks for stopping by me!I am well...i hope you..the same!

  2. I was just looking for a good deep conditioner for my hair so this post came at the perfect time. Thanks!
    xo dina
    Sweetest Somethings

  3. Brilliant post thanks for this been looking for a good hair mask for a while.

    Carrieanne x

  4. I need to try this product, hopefully it works for me.


  5. Sounds like a great product, such a pity we don't get this brand here in SA


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