Sunday, March 24

Instagram: March

1 Messing around with hairstyles on a Sunday / 2 My dad bought me Photoshop / 3 Fresh flowers from B
4 Me and Charlotte at the ELLE & Benefit Cosmetics event (here) / 5 Grabbing a coffee with B / 6 New purchase, my first pair of J Brand jeans

It's that time of the month again where I showcase all of my favourite snaps of the month! March has been a wonderful month, you'll know how busy I've been just looking through recent posts, especially the This Weeks (1, 2 3). 2013 is in formula one mode and travelling full speed ahead - gosh it's April already ... time to get out my summer dresses and shorts!


  1. Wow, that's a great event you've been to! How did you get invited? :)
    Have a nice sunday, dear <3

  2. cute pics xx

  3. Super schattige foto's. Gaaf dat je naar dat event mocht!

    X lisa

  4. Love this post! so cheerful and bright!


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