Sunday, March 31

Easter Cheer!

Every year when I was a child I would receive dozens upon dozens of Easter eggs (as I have a lot of family members) I would inevitably get too many eggs. I would hungrily admire the eggs every year and probably eat them all within the space of two weeks (at most!). However one of the perks of getting older is that the tradition of receiving an unhealthy amount of Easter eggs dies down, and now I only get a few of my favourite ones: Mini Eggs and Creme Eggs. Yet despite being given less eggs, it takes me a lot longer to eat them, probably a couple of months for me to eat them leisurely  Irregardless of all of the yummy Easter eggs, I far prefer Easter to spend time with the family and eat a lovely roast dinner. 
Have a fabulous Easter!

Wednesday, March 27

March: Designer Picks

If you sieve through the list of designers which I have chosen for March's looks, you will notice the designer Rebecca Taylor pops up a lot. I discovered this brand whilst on Shopbop, and I decided to have a nosy at her website and oh-my-goodness I am in love. Her collections are all very feminine, they have an English rose turn 21st Century feel to them, with the soft fabrics, delicate patterns and complementing shades. Although the clothes are expensive, they are staple pieces which will last a lifetime. I need to indulge myself in her collections, starting with the four pieces shown above!

Tuesday, March 26

Bread and Butter Pudding

This pudding is probably one of the easiest things you can make and is always so popular when it comes to dinner parties. Not only that, but it is also totally versatile, so you can have basically any topping/extra ingredient included in bread and butter pudding. I personally love having dried fruit sprinkled over the top of my bread and butter pudding. I originally got the recipe from here and I'm forever going back to it to cook up another delightful pudding. 

Monday, March 25

Happy Monday!

What a great start to the week today is! I am going out into the big city with my brother, who has just come home from Barcelona and we're meeting up with my cousin, Charlotte, who has just come home from London. We're going to celebrate that it's the Easter holidays/Spring Break by indulging in a Wagamamas for lunch. The weather's improved so I am going to wear my crop top and new J Brand jeans, however I do not want to catch a cold so I am obviously going to wear a cardigan and coat! 
Have a fabulous day!

Beauty Bargain #4

1 Cherry / 2 Strawberry / 3 Mint / 4 Cherry in a Tin Tub / 5 Unflavoured

Carmex lip balm is the superman of all lip balms and moisturizers  I was recommended it at the beginning of University by a very close friend as I was suffering from dry lips. I was unaware of Carmex at the time and my lip balm knowledge only went as far as Vaseline. So we hopped on a bus after our lectures and rushed to the drugstore, straight to the skincare isle and grabbed the Carmex Cherry flavour. I have literally not looked back since, my lips are super smooth and moisturized.
Another great bonus (apart from the price) of Carmex lip balm, is the fact that it has SPF 15 in every product to protect your lips from harmful UV rays. Once you buy this, you'll forever have pampered pouts!

Sunday, March 24

Instagram: March

1 Messing around with hairstyles on a Sunday / 2 My dad bought me Photoshop / 3 Fresh flowers from B
4 Me and Charlotte at the ELLE & Benefit Cosmetics event (here) / 5 Grabbing a coffee with B / 6 New purchase, my first pair of J Brand jeans

It's that time of the month again where I showcase all of my favourite snaps of the month! March has been a wonderful month, you'll know how busy I've been just looking through recent posts, especially the This Weeks (1, 2 3). 2013 is in formula one mode and travelling full speed ahead - gosh it's April already ... time to get out my summer dresses and shorts!

Friday, March 22

Review: Chanel Le Vernis

{Chanel Le Vernis Holiday & June}

I was given these two nail polishes as a gift a couple of months ago, completely filled with joy as I had always admired the vibrant colours of the Chanel Le Vernis collections. These two however, especially caught my eye. Holiday is such an unusual shade, a deep tangerine, yet it still looks sophisticated and not tacky or attention grabbing, almost a Hermes shade. June is a lovely colour contrast to the Holiday as it can be used on the ring finger or on its own if you want a nude shade, but with a tad of orange mixed in there. I have my eye on Dragon for my next shade, really love a dark, deep red. 
The actually nail polish itself is amazing, in my eyes it is completely worth the pennies as you only need to apply one coat and it lasts for a week! {This is without a top coat of chip resistant polish on}. Also the handle is ribbed so it'll never slip out of your hand. Yet this does not come cheap, and if you're looking for a cheaper alternative, OPI has similar colours for a fraction of the price.

Thursday, March 21


{Topshop Kimono & Silk Tank, Hollister Jeans, Forever 21 Pumps & Tiffany Necklace}

A kimono is a great alternative to a cardigan, especially as the weather improves as it is much nicer to be wearing something breasy, rather than overbearing. I got this kimono a few years ago now, yet I continue to wear it as I love the colours and patterns on it, it has such an oriental feel to it. I have to say that I am rather proud of my very recent purchase from Forever 21, being the metallic pumps which look similar to some more expensive Jimmy Choo pumps I spotted a while back when I was in Barcelona. The soft texture and colours of the kimono make a great stark contrast in comparison to the bold, metallic, structured pumps.

Tuesday, March 19

High-Street Look of the Month

Every month (February's here) I accumulate a wish list of items which would have a lovely home in my wardrobe. This month I have gone for a monochrome palette, focusing on intricate patterns and unusual textures. Although both outfits are mainly consisting of black and white, I have opted for items which are predominantly white in order to give them a more spring-like feel. If I'm honest, I'm crushing majorly on French Connection's floral and printed dresses at the minute, some of them are very reminiscent of the clothes Ali wears in The Notebook (review here).

Any items shown above which you're adding to your wish list??

Monday, March 18

Must be Mulberry

Let's just get one thing straight, I am obsessed with Mulberry. If there's one brand that I would go to again and again for products, it would be Mulberry. I had my eye on a Mulberry Bayswater for about 3 years, always stopping in Selfridges to admire the structured, sturdy, elegant design of this bag. The Bayswater is a timeless classic and it comes in a variety of colours, textures and patterns to suit every personality. The other thing about Mulberry which I admire is the fact that it is a British brand, all of their bags exude British Heritage and not to forget - they are so well made! Ever since I laid my eyes on this British beauty I was not phased by the price, you are paying for what you get what it comes down to the quality and longevity of the product. As you probably already know I am currently studying at University, so I needed a bag which would be spacious, robust and of course, stylish. How I came to purchase this bag is another matter, it was Summer last year, just finished College and I was with B shopping and I decided I would treat myself to a Mulberry - a spare-of-the-moment decision which I do not regret. Now I use it nearly every day for University, some days when I have way to much to carry and don't want to hurt my Mulberry I'll wear a bag which didn't cost so much. I would definitely recommend investing in a Mulberry Bayswater due to the quality of the leather and stitching, the simplistic design and because it's a Mulberry! I've got my eye on the Mulberry Willow next, I love how you can detach the front section and have a clutch at night and a spacious bag in the day for all of your work things.

Which bag do you have your beady eye on?

Saturday, March 16

This Week

{Fresh Flowers keeping the place cheerful}

It's safe to say that it's been a long week and I just cannot wait for the weekend to begin. University has seemed to dominate my life this week as I've been researching non-stop for an assignment due in on Tuesday. This weekend is planned to be low-key, B and I just want to chill and spend some quality time together snuggled up watching a movie or something. B's birthday celebrations last weekend was really fun, we went camping (we are very brave considering the British weather!) and we had a traditional pub meal. The week coming up is going to be another busy one, but for more exciting reasons other than University work; so keep watch of the blog to be updated on what I'm getting up to.
{Only a few books which I am reading for this assignment}
{Sleeping TomCat}
{Trying a new hairstyle and wearing minimal make up}
{Yummy Firecracker at Wagamama's - the spiciest meal you will ever have!}

Are you up to anything exciting this weekend?

Friday, March 15

Spring Knit

{Mango Knit (similar here), Hollister Jeans, Michael Kors Watch, Tiffany Jewellery, Primark Shoes}

Spring is finally upon us! *Clapping hands enthusiastically* Yet springtime in Britain does not mean a drastic increase in temperature so I have to still wear chunky knits and jeans, but now I'm braving these high heels outside. This is such a comfy outfit, yet with the shoes it feels so much more put-together.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 14

Review: Tom Ford Highlighting Pen

I still remember the excitement and shock which I felt when I opened my birthday presents from my friend; yet when I saw the infamous 'TF' I jumped with joy. The excitement continued all the way home, even though it was late and probably better for me to take my make up off after an evening out with my friend; I couldn't resist giving this beauty a go. And oh-my-goodness the results are phenomenal! The illuminating highlighting pen glides on a treat, I then use my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to rub it into the skin. I usually put this on the bridge of my nose, cheekbones and any excess on the brush goes under my eyes. This leaves a delicate shimmer all day long, it is not clumpy and does not give a shiny look, it literally looks as if you have a brighter complexion, with a little bit of glitter. Add a smear of 'Fake Up' under the eyes and over any blemishes and you're literally good to go (previous review on 'Fake Up' here). This comes in numerous different shades, mine, however is the Citrine shade which is a golden colour. Although it may seem a bit steep the price, I have had this since November and it is still going strong so there is a lot of highlighting liquid in it for the money. It's an investment!!

Tuesday, March 12

The Notebook

This film literally never fails to make me sob, it is such a great movie, the epitome of a chic-flick but is such a classic. I watched it the other day with my mum as she had never seen it before (I was shocked too!) and she fell in love. The way the story is told retrospectively only makes it all the more emotional and heart-wrenching. I sometimes feel like shouting at Ali, telling her to choose Noah - I get that emotionally involved. The ending never fails to hit me and surprise me and I cannot stop coming back for more, I don't honestly know how many times I have watched this. I think sometimes it is good to have a good cry, this film really makes you appreciate your loved ones. There are so many amazing chick-flicks, however I think that this is #1.

What's your all time favourite chick-flick?

Monday, March 11

Flower Power

{Monsoon Flower Embellished Jumper}

Spring has started and all the flowers are beginning to blossom, much like the flowers on my jumper. My mum got me this jumper a while back now and I must say, it never fails to make me feel cheerful. If you know me and have read my previous fashion posts, you will know that I am a sucker when it comes to detail; there is literally nothing better than having intricate detailing on an item of clothing. Monsoon is the pro when it comes to detailed jumpers, with previous ravings about Monsoon here & here. The pale pink colour is so girly as well, so I put my hair up in a bun to let the jumper do the talking, I also like the ballerina effect it creates.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 10

Beauty Bargain #3

When speaking of a beauty bargain, I honestly do not think that they could be a greater beauty bargain than this Garner Soft Essentials Comforting Toner. This product comes in at just over £1, which leaves your bank account happy. Don't be fooled by those beauty fads, where you're told that only the expensive products are the créme de la créme of the beauty world. They're not. They leave your bank account wounded and they run out pretty quickly. Whereas with this, you can happily keep stocking up on it and not notice the price.
This product is great for me {and for you} as I am constantly commuting into the big city, where there's a lot of nasty pollution; so I needed a toner which would eradicate all of the nastiness off my face. Using some cotton wool I squeeze out enough toner to cover the cotton wool and then I wipe it over my face, concentrating especially on any areas where I am more prone to acne or dirt build up. And then that's it. I usually put this product on before my moisturizer and after my exfoliator and cleanser. It leaves my face feeling super soft and smelling gorgeous due to the rose extract.

Saturday, March 9

This Week

{Enjoying lucious cocktails with Charlotte in Harvey Nichols}

This week has been truly wonderful, to say the least! I have been a very busy bumble bee this week, going down to London for the weekend for the ELLE & Benefit Cosmetics event, celebrating B's birthday, supporting my friend, Rebecca in a performance she was in; and of course keeping on track with my university work. I am so excited for what lies in the weeks ahead, but I will keep sch-tum until I show what I've been up to in the upcoming blog posts so keep updated! This weekend is not an excuse to relax, it's Mother's Day so I will be keeping busy with my family which will be lovely. 
{Before Rebecca's performance}
{Beautiful candle stick}
{Horse & carriage for a wedding in Manchester}
{Charlotte's amazing door knocker}

Have a great weekend!

Friday, March 8

Review: Benefit 'Fake Up'

{Benefit Fake Up}

I'm literally lost for words with this product, literally. If you're anything like me and feel frustrated by under-eye puffiness or dark circles, then I would absolutely recommend this product. Fake Up is the newest product to be released by Benefit Cosmetics, they never fail to impress me, their They're Real! mascara is amazing and this Fake Up is a lifesaver if you've got a busy schedule, but don't want to show how busy you are on your face. Fake Up is easy to apply, brush it in a V shape under the eye and anywhere else you have problems, such as covering up blemishes. Unlike numerous other products, this does not crease, yet it moisturizers and soothes the skin, leaving it looking dewy, not dry. Fake Up also lasts all day long which is perfect. Fake Up comes in three shades, 01 (light, which I am), 02 (medium) & 03 (dark). Not to forget, how can you not love the packaging! I would say run to the shops when this is officially released and be prepared to fight over it.