Tuesday, February 12

Zip It Up

{Monsoon Knit & French Connection Skirt}

I love wearing a structured skirt with a slightly oversized knit as it is comfortable yet also looks more than just casual. I have previously done a post about this knit (here), but I seriously cannot get enough of it! My parents got me it for Christmas and I could easily wear it every day in all sorts of different combinations. My skirt is a treasure I discovered back in summer whilst shopping, as soon as I saw it I knew it would be a staple piece in my wardrobe! 
{The mask behind me is from The Dark Night party, here}


  1. great outfit, i love the skirt.
    good luck for the further.

  2. Cute skirt!!

    -- JJ

  3. Oh your blog is too cute, & I love this outfit (the skirt is perfect) ♥

    I follow you know, maybe follow back if you like mine ?


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