Saturday, February 2

This Week

{Freshly toasted bagels, steaming hot.}
I honestly cannot believe how quickly January flew past. For some odd reason January's always seem like a foggy month, you're still stuffed like a turkey from Christmas and suddenly you're catapulted back into your old hectic routine - work. There's something lovely about February, the days feel longer, the weather warms up and the daffodils start to shine with glory. I have well and truly been busy this week with being back at University starting the second semester, which so far has proven to be a lot better than the first; yet there is more work. Although it only feels like yesterday I was making my new year resolutions; here's to February *cheers*!! 
{In love with my heart necklace, I have an obsession for heart shaped pendants as my never-taken-off Tiffany necklace from B a few Valentine's ago is the famous 'Return to Tiffanys' pendant.}
{My colour coding stationary.}
{The blizzard of snow fall we experienced a few days ago. Looks like stars falling from the sky.}
{Enjoying a cup of fruit punch at mine and my friend's favourite hidden treasure at University.}

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