Sunday, February 3

The Battle of the Cleansers

I have been using cleanser for about half a year now as I realised the importance of having clean skin in order to achieve a healthier complexion. I was recommended the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Rich Cream Cleanser in September, which sparked a pursuit of finding the perfect cleanser! In the mean time I also have tried two other cleansers, both being tester sizes. Yet I think that it is paramount to establish which cleanser does the job considering how costly some can be.
#1: In first place is Estee Lauder Foaming Cleanser which I think is the best cleanser I've used as it gets rid of all make up and leaves the face feeling fresh and clean. This cleanser unlike numerous others, does not dry out the skin. Although it is priced quite steep, this is an investment; your facial skin will be thanking you I promise!
#2: It always seems as though those products which you used to use when you were younger are always good ones to stick to. I lesson that I guess is subjective. The Nivea Daily Essentials Facial Wash is an excellent product for the leaving the skin feeling hydrated and clean. I would recommend buying this product if you cannot financially able enough to buy the Estee Lauder Foaming Cleanser.
#3: In third place is the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Rich Cream Cleanser, was a disappointing purchase as I seemed to suffer from a few spots for the first few days of using it and if you've worn heavy make up; then you have to repeat cleansing your face a good couple of times. I would recommend against this product as I was unpleasantly surprised by the results and I would not pay the price it is to use it.  
I swear by this product, Johnson's Day 24 Hour Face Care with SPF 15 {a review I have previously done here} is perfect after cleansing to hydrate the skin, leaving it feeling immaculately clean and smooth. What else can you ask of a moisturizer?!

Which cleanser do you swear by?


  1. thank you for this review! I have been looking for a new cleanser, and I didn't even know about this Johnson & Johnson product! I need to pick this up at the store!


    Erin @

    1. It's okay, I'm glad it has solved your problem!
      Oh yes, that moisturizer is amazing.
      Kate xo


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