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How To: Bouncy Blow Dry

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I love the way my hair is after a trip to the salon so I decided that I would bring the salon techniques home so that I could achieve this look daily. When I was younger I went through this lengthy stage of constantly straightening my hair, wanting it to be poker straight. However ever since I watched The Hills and saw Lauren Conrad's hair I suddenly felt an impulse to be more experimental with my hairstyles. Now it is my go to look when I want to look casual and have manageable hair which still looks like I've walked out of the salon. I really love the bouncy look and sometimes I opt for a curly blow dry (previous post here).
You will need:
Wide Angled Tooth Comb
Large Circular Styling Brush
Hair Drier
Step 1: Let your hair dry in your towel for 10 minutes, I use this time to moisturise myself after a shower.
Step 2: Brush through your hair thoroughly with a wide angled tooth brush. It is important to use this type of brush as it completely detangles the hair. Only use a wide angled comb when your hair is wet, when it is dry always use a brush.
Step 3: Dry the hair with the hair dryer, leaving the hair just a little wet so that you can still style it, but are not putting too much heat on a concentrated piece of hair, damaging the hair.
Step 4: Separate the hair into manageable sections, using your clip to secure the rest of the hair.
Step 5: Now here's the bit where you need to be flexing your arm muscles, get ready to pull and twist the hair as you use the dryer to warm up the hair.
Step 6: Collecting all of the section of hair on one side, do the same technique, this gives the hair extra bounce.
Step 7: To give the roots extra volume, start from the root and pull the hair up, continuing with the same method.
Step 8: Continue with the methods demonstrated in Step 5.
Step 9: Style the front, twisting the brush away from your face, if you want the hair to have a structured style, then roll up the brush and wave the dryer over it for a couple seconds.
{Ta da!}

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