Wednesday, February 6

Gaining Confidence

The other day I was reading an article stating that scientific research in the United Kingdom has proven that our high school insecurities stay with us for the rest of our lives.
I myself is completely aware of my own insecurities, even though I am persistently told that there are no personal worries to have from my loved ones; those high school haunts continue to lurk in your conscience regardless.
I personally think that high school was my most difficult period, surrounded by lots of unusual people; many judgemental and quick to be catty. However my close group of friends and B at high school meant that I was able to be who I was and it was only when I got into my last high school years that I realised to ignore all of the nastiness and just be me.
There are many outside influences which cause insecurities, the worst for me was being able to be comfortable being who I am.Be Yourself:
Lets be honest, if people cannot handle your silly moments and the whole package you have to offer; then they're not worth it. Yet remain civil with these people as that last thing you want is to be more self conscious hearing nasty comments.
The most important thing in life is to have a solid group of friends, this doesn't mean a huge group as it is always better to have a small group of trustful, close friends.
I personally have a very close group of friends which I am able to text infinitely without getting bored or feeling embarrassed about saying or doing something silly.
So, my main advice here is to be silly with your close friends and socialise, not feeling paranoid or anxious about what others are thinking; because really, what does it matter what they're thinking?
Dream & Endure:
One of my major setbacks when I was younger was that I would get easily distracted whenever I needed to be focusing on my work.
Once I started college I had a goal of grades I wanted to achieve by the end of the two years, wanting desperately to prove all of my teachers wrong; showing that I was able of achieving high grades.
So I had a tactic in mind, always put aside time to do work away from any distractions and aim never to have to resit an exam; as I find resits always result in your other grades suffering.
This is exactly what I did, consistently pushing myself, aiming to be able to get into the university of my childhood dreams.
And so, although I was originally predicted to achieve C's at A Level, I got A*A*A A.
I am now studying at the university I always wanted to be at and I am practicing the same technique again; aim high and endure.
So I guess my message here is, regardless of what all of those unaspiring teachers and mentors have said about your abilities; if you're willing to put 100% into whatever you want to achieve in life I can promise you, that you will reach your dreams.


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  2. An important point and good lessen for all of us!



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