Saturday, January 26

This Week

{Admiring my new Benefit cosmetics case.}
This week has been very chaotic. I have been snowed under myself with work and last minute revision perfecting my knowledge for the exams. Thankfully the exams have come and gone, meaning that I can be naughty again and indulge in procrastination! However I didn't let the revision get the better of me and made sure that I went out and played (like a child) in the snow. For me, snow could be here all year long and I wouldn't get bored of it. Unfortunately however, I didn't get a chance to build a snow woman like I said last week (here) as I was too busy sledging. I hope you have all had a fun week - whatever the weather!
{All prepared for the snow in my snug Hunter wellington boots.}
{My favourite yearly catalogue from Laura Ashley has arrived! This is one of the ways I procrastinate.}
{Taking in the scenery before a day of sledging with B.}
{University doesn't seem affected one bit by the snow. It's got such a Hogwarts feeling to it.}


  1. Don't you just love winter? Despite the fact it keeps you from wearing heels!

    Meganne | The Vanity Theory

    1. I adore winter - but yeah, the snow and ice restrict you from wearing heels!!
      Kate xo

  2. love this!


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