Saturday, January 12

This Week

{An Illy espresso helping me concentrate on my University assignment.}
This week has been particularly tedious due to having to revise and write essays as I have a few exams coming up in two weeks. Not only that, but my brother returned back to Barcelona on Monday and I am especially missing him. Anyhow, I have been doing things to keep myself occupied, meanwhile trying not to procrastinate due to my busy revision timetable schedule. I cannot wait for these daunting exams to have flown past so I can return to actually having a life!
{Two curious, stray sheep on a walk.}
{Feeling nostalgic. Looking back at photos from previous Christmas. Oh how I wish it would snow!}
{Saying goodbyes at Liverpool John Lennon Airport as my brother departs to go back to Barcelona.}
{Fresh flowers to cheer me up in this stressful examination period.}

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