Sunday, January 13

Review: Lana Del Rey, Paradise Edition

Ever since I heard the song Born to Die and subsequently the music video, I was captivated with Lana, and so were over 88 million others who have viewed her Born to Die music video. One year on and it never gets old.
I think that the reason why I am so taken aback with Lana Del Rey is due to the fact that she is completely different to other singers and artists. Her music, her voice are a treat for the ears. Yet I also love watching her music videos as they are so unique, her very early ones portrayed her own artistic style and the more recent music videos now, such as National Anthem and Ride tell a story. I think that her dialogue at the beginning and end of her music videos really depict a personal journey which she has gone through and that is what I love; it is relatable.The Paradise Edition was released in Britain in November 2012. I received the album as a birthday present, and what a great birthday present is was!
This new edition featured a second CD which has an extra 8 tracks, all of them beautifully composed. I personally love Ride, American, Cola and Blue Velvet from The Paradise Edition.
I really admire Lana for her effort with each song, vocally and lyrically, each song having their own certain flare, a different story. Her songs have a vintage feel to them, a post war sound which is very different to other mainstream music currently.
Lana's patriotic references such as "Be young, be dope, be proud like an American" and "I fall asleep in an American flag" are very unique in the sense that she says it in such an innocent, proud way. 
From her original Born to Die album, which is included in The Paradise Edition I especially love Summertime Sadness as it is nostalgic of those summers when I went away on holiday for a few weeks and missed my boyfriend, B and friends.
As I studied history at college, I also enjoyed watching the music video of National Anthem as this is a modern portrayal of John F. Kennedy's presidency and his relationship with Jackie Kennedy.
Her music has a way of making you feel inspired to live happily, yet also to be loving and saviour every moment.


  1. can't wait to get my hands on it and see what the album is like for myself!

    great review!

    1. Do not hesitate to buy! It's an amazing album, I listen to it on my commute into University!
      Kate xo


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