Thursday, January 10

Review: Batman Trilogy

The three Batman films have got to be the best trilogy ever made, of course this is only my personal opinion. Christopher Nolan is a brilliant director, he captures awe-inspiring shots and depicts the Batman films flawlessly.
Before I watched Batman Begins last summer, I was very sceptical about the films, not really sure whether it would be my cup of tea, however I did love the Spiderman trilogy back in the day so I don't know why I wasn't sure about these. I guess it was the overemphasis on the caption "Why So Serious?" as I saw children wearing these t-shirts and thus assumed that the films were more suited to a younger audience.
However as soon as I pressed play my mind was blown, I was captivated, my eyes wouldn't leave the screen. And this is where my obsession begun (as you can probably tell I, my family and friends are obsessed from the previous post here).
I guess I like to think of myself being somewhat similar to The Dark Knight.Batman Begins is really the beginning of the story, it depicts how an eccentric billionaire goes through extensive physical and psychological training to become Batman. The film depicts how he becomes a superhero and the battles which he encounters as a result of his status. In order to understand the next two batman films, you must watch this one as it develops the initial storyline.
The Dark Knight is probably my favourite batman film, the storyline is captivating (you are literally glued to your seat) and The Joker has got to be the best villain ever to have been created. Throughout the film you are continuously trying to predict what will happen next, yet the plot twists and turns to make this virtually impossible. Absolutely 1000% recommend this film!!
The Dark Knight Rises is an epic film. Bane is such a powerful villain. The main group of good characters remain virtually the same throughout the three blockbusters, yet there are some new additions in this film, with Cat Woman (played by Anne Hathaway) and Officer Blake (performed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt). The end of the story is perfect, leaving the exciting possibility of a totally new trilogy to come, but you'll have to watch it to find out!!


  1. I'm a big big fan of the Batman trilogy too! Everything from the cinematography to the script is great. Mr Nolan truly is a genius.

    x Gi

  2. such a good movie!!



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